Sunday, December 19, 2010

First Week Of Boston Training In The Books

Things went pretty well with the first week of training for Boston.  17 weeks to go. My training plan is only a 16 week plan, so I am going to do the first two weeks twice.  That should ease me into it, and get me thru the holiday season.  I started off with the first short tempo run on Tuesday.  Somehow I had my times mixed up in my head, and I was thinking I needed to keep it at a 6:15 pace.  It was a nice afternoon, and I went out with Jeff Petro (original FART member) for an easy 2 mile warm up.  At the top of George Street I started out on my 2 mile at what seemed like a good clip for me.  But every time I looked at my watch, I couldn't get the average pace below 6:30, which is what I clocked for the first mile.  I ran hard the 2nd mile, thinking I needed to pick it up.  But I had been struggling with a chest cold the last couple of days, and giving it just about all I had made it a 6:32 pace (13:05 for 2 miles).  I was a little bummed, because if the first run was this hard, and I couldn't even make the pace, maybe I was in the wrong training plan.  I jogged back to meet Jeff, and we finished up with a couple more miles easy.  When we got back to Brewbakers and I went to log my run, I realized I only needed a 6:34 pace, which is basically (INC) what I did.
The next day was with the Keenyans, and while my chest kept me from doing the last 1600 I had planned, I was able to keep the others right at pace.  Today I went out early in Greenfield for a 13 mile run.  The first mile was easy, with the puppy, then I went out at a 7:45 pace.  Miles 2-4 were uphill to the top of Poet's Seat, and I was having a hard time keeping it at 8.  At the top, my average pace was 8:07, but I figured I'd pick that back up on the downhill back.  When I got back to town at about mile 6, my average was sill only 8:00, so I had some work to do the second half of the run. My head kept calculating and recalculating the paces I need to drop my times.  I figured I had 15 seconds to drop, and 6 miles to do it in, so I had to go down 2-3 seconds/mile.  It was hard, but I kept making progress, and by mile 10 I was at 7:48.  The last few seconds would be hard to whittle down.  But when I finally saw 7:45 back on the GPS, I got a lift and ran the last mile hard, clocking a 6:52. That brought my average down to 7:42. I felt good having run hard and faster the 2nd half, but I keep wondering how I am supposed to run twice as far at 30 seconds faster.  Gotta keep with the plan.

Here are the weekly totals:

MON. : 3 mi & Nautilus
TUES. : 6 mi, 2 @13:05 (6:33/mi)
WED. : 8 mi & workout (2 x 1600m/4 x 200m)
THU. 0 mi
FRI. : 5 mi FART (10 runners!)
SAT. : 5 mi
SUN. : 13 mi, 12 @ 7:42 (1:32:20)

TOTAL : 40 mi

Saturday, December 18, 2010

roll the dice

if you're going to try, go all the
otherwise, don't even start.
if you're going to try, go all the
this could mean losing girlfriends,
wives, relatives, jobs and
maybe your mind.
go all the way.
it could mean not eating for 3 or 4 days.
it could mean freezing on a
park bench.
it could mean jail,
it could mean derision,
isolation is the gift,
all the others are a test of your
endurance, of
how much you really want to
do it.
and you'll do it
despite rejection and the worst odds
and it will be better than
anything else
you can imagine.
if you're going to try,
go all the way.
there is no other feeling like
you will be alone with the gods
and the nights will flame with
do it, do it, do it.
do it.
all the way
all the way.
you will ride life straight to
perfect laughter, its
the only good fight
there is.

Charles Bukowski

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wednesday Recap

It took a while to warm up for the first Baker Street Runaround, but it was sure a good time.  The word went out that the High School was frozen, and we all made it back to the SBW parking lot.  I hope Clint got the message and wasn't running at the track by himself.  Halfway thru the warmup we joined the Keene State crew.  Or should I say, they joined us(INC). But it seemed like the idea of a workout scared them off, so when we turned towards Baker Street, they headed off to run thru town.  The big guns were doing some fast stuff, but my training schedule called for 3 x 1600.  I wasn't too sure how it would go, I've got a bit of a chest cold and I did a short tempo thing yesterday.  But Brad was up to give it a try, so off we went.  I did 2, right on target at 6:00, with only about 1:45 rest.  But at the start of the third I was really feeling it in my chest, so I bagged it and finished up with a few 200s.  I feel really good about where I am right now, compared to a year ago at this time when I first came out with this group. I think I am about 10-15 seconds faster in my mile pace for training.

2 x 1600, 4 x 200
6:00 / 6:00 / 38 / 36 / 39 / 37

Sad to say there is no obvious replacement for the 17M crown.  There was talk of the best Main Street Mile performance, but that is far too subjective.  This is running, not figure skating or gymnastics.  It will be a long wait till spring. It's all about timing, ain't it Clint?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Wet, Rainy, Icy...Beautiful.

Sunday's weather was not looking so great, but as usual, when you finally got out there, it wasn't too bad. It did make it a bit more challenging, but when we made it onto the trail, the footing was better. I started off with my regular 5 mile loop before meeting the Sunday group at 9.  The roads were pretty slick in spots, and George St and North Lincoln were especially tough.  It wasn't as cold as I had thought it would be, but the rain and sleet were starting to come down a little harder. Back at Brewbakers, I was able to persuade the group to hit the rail trail in order to stay off the roads as much as possible. Nick and I started out, and were soon joined by Jeff. I think we were all thinking of doing about 10 miles, but on the way up towards the dump, it was going so well that we all decided to keep going to the bridge.  The trees gave us a little shelter from the elements, the footing was good, and the conversation helped the miles go by easy.  On the way back we ran past Boj and Goupil looking strong. I stopped to say hi to Beth and Andy later on, and Jeff decided he would make me pay to try to catch back up with them.  The last 1/2 mile or so, past The Colony Mill, was the most brutal part.  I had decided to try to kick it up at the end, and it was like running with a parachute thru freezing sprinklers.  I was running about as hard as I could and I seemed to be hardly moving. I don't know what it is, but sometimes once you make the decision to head out, the worse things get the more fun it becomes.
All in all, it was a good week for me, and feel like I am in a good place to start training.
Here are the week's totals.

MONDAY : 3 mi @ gym, light workout
TUESDAY : 9 mi
WEDNESDAY : 8 mi w/ track workout
THURSDAY : 2 mi w/ Frankie, 3 mi@ gym & Nautilus
FRIDAY : 5 mi FART (8 runners, 1 in a stroller)
SUNDAY : 18 mi

TOTAL : 48 mi 

Next week, about the same, with the start of the Run Less, Run Faster Training Schedule.  Track, Tempo and Long Runs will be hard. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Wednesday Workout, My Own Wagon Train

Well, I sort of felt like Cleavon Little's character on the wagon train in Blazing Saddles,

"-Well, back in ’56, my folks and I were part of this long wagon train movin’ West. Well, not exactly part of it. You might say we was bringin’ up the rear when suddenly, from out of the West came the entire Sioux nation. And let me tell you baby, they was open for business."

While everyone else was running in a pack, I was left to my own devices, and I had a pretty good workout. Things almost never seem to go as planned, and while I had wanted to do 6 x 800, I felt kinda wiped out in the middle of the second rep. Since I didn't need to convince anyone else to change but me, on the fly I went with 4 x 800/400. I kept all the rests to about 1:20, and that gave me a bit of a chance to fully recover after the 4s. My times were good and consistent for me, and I felt strong most of the way thru. I had wanted to keep all my 800s under 3:00, and I was close. It just gives me something to shoot for next time.

Here are the results:
2:56 / 1:26 / 2:59 / 1:28
3:02 / 1:24 / 3:00 / 1:23

Keeping with the movie theme, we'll call the 17 M titles No Country For Old Men, as the two oldest (Clint and Me) took the surprise crowns. It seemed like no one really wanted the first one, or at least no one was willing to make a break too soon. I felt a nudge in my back from Goupil, "Now. Go now!" he whispered. And while Justin and Greg were eyeing each others every twitch, I took off. I know Justin had a tough week, so maybe I didn't take him at his best. Plus when he turned and saw it was me, not Goupil making the move, I could see the instant calculations going on in his head that if he took me down he would look like the Grinch in Whoville. But hey, a win is a win. The second title was a much more competitive event, with all the big guns firing. A couple of fake kicks got everyones pace moving, when all of a sudden Clint busts out, determined not to be caught. Greg made a valiant effort towards the end, but it was Clint at the tape.
Armadillos was a lot of fun afterwards, and it was great to see Mark doing so well and in such good spirits after his accident. Plus, I think Boj Nick Cashed everyone at the table. Just for him, here's the link to the deer audio clip. Warning, not suitable for young children, which most of us are, so it's perfect.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Not Dark Yet, But it's Gettin' There

I got a little bit of an earlier start on the rail trail today, but it was still pitch dark for the last 2 miles or so. It was a little cold, and the wind in town was strong, but protected by the trees, the trail was great. It was frozen solid though, and the ruts made the footing dicey in spots. I was able to run fairly well up to the dump, but the darkness really slowed me down on the way back. When I usually have about a 1 min/mile difference, today it was almost exactly the same. 37 up, 36 down. It sure feels good to still be out on the trails. Even with the slower times, I know the uneven footing makes me a stronger runner. Plus it's great to be out in the woods.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mmmm... Hot Chocolate. Damn...20:04

The Hot Chocolate Run in Northampton was a lot of fun, but I was hoping to break 20 minutes, and I just missed. The course was kinda hard, with a hill right at the start, and then a bit of a grade for the first mile. The middle mile was good, and I picked up a little ground, but then there was a hill with a head wind at the start of mile 3. I cruised after the hill for most of the last mile, and I felt pretty good, but then we made the turn for the finish onto the hill from the start, and it was a little to steep for me to let it fly down. All in all I felt good about the race, but I would have liked to been under 20. Something to shoot for next time. And it should be noted that this was the first official race for team FART. It was good to see the team affiliation on Cool Running. Andy came in 4th. I don't think CMS has anything to worry about with FART.
It was a good week besides the race. I got in my best mileage since Boston, and nothing hurts. Roma and I have been trying to get out early in the morning for a few miles to tucker out her new puppy. They aren't the fastest miles I do, but hey, it got me over 40. Plus we have been hitting the gym a couple of nights each week. The Y in Greenfield just got a new 10 person jacuzzi, and it opens tomorrow. More incentive to cross train.

Here's last weeks totals:
TUESDAY : 9 mi
WEDNESDAY : 8 mi, w/ track workout
THURSDAY : 2 mi, in huraches w/Roma & Frankie
FRIDAY : 7 mi, w/ light gym workout
SATURDAY:2 mi am w/Roma & Frankie,5.5 mi pm
SUNDAY : 12 mi, w/ 5K (20:04)

TOTAL : 45.5 mi
Last Week : 37 mi
Next Week Goal ; 40-45 mi / 3 gym work outs / 6 X 800 <3:00 at track

Friday, December 3, 2010

Wednesday Workout

It was cold, windy and rainy at the track, but there was still a good turn out, and I was glad to be out there. I didn't really have a plan as to what I was going to do, but I thought just some 4's and 2's would be good because of the wind. Turning the corner to the home stretch was killer, like running into a wall of pelting rain. I kept my recovery times short, in order to maximize such a short workout, about 45 sec for the 400s, and 30 sec for the 200s. I ended up doing 4 X 400, 4 X200, then 2 more of each. 3600 m of speed work on such a miserable day was easily as good psychologically as it was physically.

Here are the results
1:27 / 1:28 / 1:26 / 1:24
38 /39 /36 / 39 (wind aided, fast one was trying to keep pace with Wilson Perez)
1:27 /1:27
39 / 37

It was a dark and stormy night, when out of the inky shadows (implied Click & Clack).... Goupil cruises to his first 17M title of the fall/winter season. I was hoping for a shot at the second round, but with the rain and darkness, it made conditions too difficult for me to see the mark. Plus, it seems as though someone moved a mailbox into the running lane to slow down any unsuspecting runners(me). My specs were so fogged and wet that I couldn't even tell who took the title. Any help?
Again, Armadillo's was act@&**y a good time as usual.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Run To The Dump In The Dark

I got a late start on my run Tuesday, and I ended up running up to the dump and back in almost total darkness. Not quite epic by Boj's standards, but challenging. It was obviously a bit slower than I had wanted to run, but it is sure a great way to stay focused. I even found it a little addicting. Even though I know if I run on trails in the dark too often I am almost certain to get hurt, it was compelling and almost hypnotic.
I had a fairly good week of running. Nothing too crazy, but nothing hurts, so that is good. I feel like I am just getting my base together, with a little bit of speed and tempo stuff thrown in, and in 2 weeks start some more sustained and serious training.

Here are the weekly totals:

TUESDAY : 5 mi w/ core workout
WEDNESDAY : 4 mi, at the gym
THURSDAY : 9mi, w/4.5mi race(29:15)
FRIDAY : 4mi, at gym & workout
SUNDAY : 15 mi

TOTAL : 37 mi
LAST WEEK : 38 mi

Friday, November 26, 2010

Cranberry Run

It turned out to be a really nice morning for the Cranberry run. It was a little chilly, but fine in shorts after warming up. I showed up early with a few pots of coffee, and saw Justin and George getting ready to warm up, so I tagged along. It was a short and fast warmup for me, with a hill added to get the blood pumping, but I felt good afterwards. I met Michael and Jeff Petrovitch for their first races ever. It was a great turn out, and quite crowded at the start. I felt good as the gun went off, no pains to speak of. Within about 200 yards or so, I was running next to Ockle Johnson. He and I are pretty evenly matched, and we ran together for the first mile or two, until about North Lincoln street. I felt good, and was cruising, pushing it a little for me. I passed a few runners in the next mile, and turned on to the bike path only to see what looked like the same kid from last year, who I had passed at just about the same spot. He's 12, from St. Joe's, and he runs with what looks like an effortless style. I had been running stride for stride since Rule street with what turned out to be the 2nd place woman, and we were making a little ground on the kid. But I gotta tell you, it's a little disheartening to be chasing a 12 year old for a mile and a half and hardly make up any ground. Up Washington Street, and I started to feel like I was running out of gas a bit, but not the kid. He ended up beating me by about 10 seconds. My time was 29:14, about 15 seconds faster than last year, so I guess I gotta be thankful for that. But it sure would have been nice to pass that kid. I turned around at the finish, and Ockle came in right behind me.
Jeff and Michael were gunning for Newt, with Jeff talking it up for a few days. But this time it was the seasoned veteran taking it to the young upstarts, beating the two of them soundly by between 2-4 minutes. It was great to see both of them out there, and they are both enthusiastic to run more consistently.
I didn't do much of a cool down, and then I headed back to Brewbakers for some coffee with a few runners and anyone else who happened in. It was a very nice way to relax after the race, and a way to say thanks to a few of the people who inspire me in so many different ways. I hope everyone out there, runners and others, had a great Thanksgiving.
And Happy Birthday, Michael.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday & Sunday Runs

A good run on the Rail Trail on Saturday, up to the dump. The first 2 miles or so are always just a warm up, then it's a good 2 1/2 miles past Hurricane. The light was just starting to fade, but I was feeling good. I cruised up in 37:30, about a 8:05 pace. Certainly not blistering, but it felt steady with the slight incline. I took just a short break to watch the sky over the dump, always something of a spiritual moment, and headed back to see if I could make it back in 1:10 total. I felt as good as I have in a long time, and really tried to push it the last mile or so. I ended up at 1:10:15, so it was 32:45 for the return trip, about 7:05. Again, not blistering, but good for me right now. I would like to see if I can get the route down to 1 hour, 33 up, 27 back. I only need to drop a minute per mile. Doable by spring if all goes well.

On Sunday I was tired, both from the previous afternoon, and last night I helped install benches in the cafe till about midnight. Spent the night on the couch, then woke up at 6:30 when the morning person came into work. Newt showed up at 8:00, and he and I went out to do the Cranberry Run course before the usual Sunday group showed up. The group headed up to the waterfall off Old Concord Road, and it was a nice, easy pace for about 6 miles or so.

I am looking forward to the Cranberry Run on Thursday. And to anyone who is reading this, if you want coffee after the race, stop on by. We will be closed, but I know there will be a few coming by after the race, and the more the merrier. It's on me. There may even be a few day old muffins. Just in case you need a few extra calories on Thanksgiving.

Week Totals for Nov.15 thru Nov.21
TUESDAY : 5.5 mi.
WEDNESDAY : 8 mi. w/workout
THURSDAY : 3 mi. Plus short gym workout.
FRIDAY : Dylan in Amherst (gotta count as a cross training day)
SATURDAY : 9.5 mi.
SUNDAY : 12 mi.

TOTAL : 38.0 mi.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wednesday Workout, Twins Take 17M Titles

Well, it seemed like no one else was too satisfied with their workout, but I finally felt like I was turning the corner on the nagging injuries of the last 2 months or so. This was the first actual pain free workout for me since Pisgah. It wasn't too hard, but it felt good to run fast and not worry about pulling anything. I didn't have any plans when we met, but Glenn was doing 200s, so that sounded good to me. I ended up doing 6, then some 400s and then a few more 200s. Andy was doing mile repeats, and I was almost able to keep up with him for is 1st and 3rd lap. The wind was really picking up, and the back stretch was hard enough doing it just once for a 400, so it must have been draining to do it 4 times. He is such a strong runner that it made trying to keep pace with him like running with a metronome.

Here are the results:

6 X 200
4 X 400
2 X 200

As expected, Greg was a winner in the 17M contest, but who could have foreseen the first underhanded tactic being taken by his twin (evil twin?). Boj I could understand, but his own brother? Glenn started off early, saying he didn't want to get 'cold'. I think this must be a strategy Greg has seen before, because he didn't want to wait around for any stragglers. At 3:29, "Where's Fyffe and Andy? I dunno, let's just go." He seemed a little too impatient. But by then Glenn had already built too much of a lead. Round two was Greg's chance for redemption, even with a change in course because of darkness. "Do you want me in front? I have a reflective vest on." Seemed like a good natured offer for group safety. Nothing is as it seems. The twins are crafty.
We met afterwards for refreshments, and certainly Armadillo's is, as a matter fact, generally quite fun indeed. It is unquestionably the de facto spot for post run meal and conversation. Really.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wednesday Workout, and A New Running Group

The Wednesday Workout went a little better this week than last week. It was the first time in a while that I haven't had much pain either in my calf or ribs. Still a bit of tightness, and I didn't feel like I could run all out, but I was able to put in an ok workout, even if it was still a short one. At the start I had planned to do 8 X 400, but on the 7th I could feel some tightness, so I did 4 X 200 to finish up. I kept the rest intervals to about 1/2 time of the previous effort. The shorter reps were a good way to keep it a little loose, while not putting too much of a strain on my calf.
The warm up and cool down went well, even with Greg taking the 17M title for both. He's a tough competitor, and you can tell he's focused when all banter stops with 20-30 yards to go. Even the subtlest maneuver is countered quickly, leaving little chance for a surprise kick. More sophisticated or underhanded tactics may be necessary.

The results were:
1:26 / 1:28 / 1:27 / 1:29 / 1:27 / 1:28
43 / 42 / 41 / 42

A new running group is forming at Brewbakers. Friday Afternoon Running Team, or FART. So far it is just me and a few of the Brewbakers employees, but all are welcome. Distances will be padded and times will be abridged (the Randy System) in order to make it to Happy Hour at one of the local watering holes. Starting time is 3:00. Hope to see lots of running/beer enthusiasts in the coming weeks.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Couple of Decent Runs

I sit here after a couple of not great, but at least decent workouts back to back. Tuesday I did a 12 mile out and back from Brewbakers up the rail trail. 45 min out, 39 back. It was my first really decent run since Pisgah, and I was feeling a litte tired near the end, but even with some tightness in my calves, I was able to keep a strong pace. Wednesday I was a little late to the workout, and I missed the warm up. I had been on my feet all day, and was a little tight, but I still felt ok. Brad was doing 2x800/600/400/200. I was planning to just do 800s, but this sounded good, even if I didn't think I would be quite able to keep his pace. The first 800 was way too fast for me right now, and it made it hard to keep the rest of the work out together. I couldn't finish the 2nd 600, but at least I was able to regroup a little after that. My calves were tightening up a lot, and I was glad the reps were getting shorter. The cool down went well, and it helped to keep my calves from totally locking up. But for anyone who is reading this, I have one word of advice: Shunji. I'm writing this after an almost 2 hour massage, and every bit of soreness is gone. He is totally worth the ride down to Wendell Ma., no matter if you are shooting for a 2:15, a 3:15 or a 4:15 marathon. He'll put pieces back into place that you didn't even know were out. Well worth the price of admission.

My track times were
2:53 / 3:06 / 2:19 / xx / 1:26 / 1:29 / :41 / :39

Next week I will try a workout from the Running for Fitness website. It is really great to have something that gives you such good pace information.

Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Gonna Be A Long Road Back

I've been surprised how long it has taken for the little rib tear to heal. Our house finally sold, and I have been hauling furniture up and down stairs for my ex wife. It certainly wasn't helping anything, but this is supposed to be a running blog, so last week I went out with the Wednesday crew, and I was really feeling it on the warm up. Brad was doing mile repeats, and I thought I would give it a try. But by the middle of the first one I knew I wasn't doing myself any good being out there. I packed it in and decided to give it a few more days rest. Sunday was the 2nd run for Angella, and I really wanted to do it. I talked to Jeff before the race, and I was planning to run with him and just kinda take it easy. But there is just something about a race. It doesn't matter if it is a 12 year old saying "Go!" or the starter's pistol in the Olympics, when it's time to go, you have to give it your all. I turned around to let Jeff know I was going to run it a little harder, and I tried to keep up with the second group of runners. My side was hurting, and it was slowing me down, but it wasn't too bad. This was the first real running I had done in almost 3 weeks. I wasn't running as an all out race, but I tried to keep up a decent pace. I ended up running a 30:51, only 1:50 behind last year. So not the best, but not a total disaster either.
This week the workout went a little better. Brad was doing mile repeats again, and again I decided to try to run along with him. It worked out a little better this time, but I still wasn't able to do the whole workout. I ended up doing 2 X mile, 2 X 1200, 2 X 800. It was an ok effort, but it sure seems like all my workouts have been disappointing for the last little while. I still feel as if I am in as good of shape as I was last year at this time, so with a little more effort and consistency, I should be ready to train hard soon. October is 1/2 done, and before you know it, winter will be here. So the time is now. Justin told me about a great website for training paces, and I am looking forward to doing some workouts at specific paces for the time I want to run Boston. This year, 3:10. Next year, if all goes well, break 3:00. It could happen.

Here are the workout results:
Mile : 6:20 / 6:22
1200 : 4:50 / 4:51
800 : 3:03 / 3:01

Next week, a solid 800 workout with 1/2 time rest.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just another Wednesday

Not too many of the regular Keenyans have been making it to the Wednesday workouts. It was good to see Erin again, so I would have someone to run with. It was a beautiful day, but I was still a little sore from Sunday's Pisgah race. I must have done a little tear or something in my ribcage on one of my tumbles on the trail. It has been quite painful to get up and in some positions, but running hasn't bothered it too much. I wanted to do something fairly easy, so Erin and I decided to do 6X400, and then we added on a few 200s at the end. Andy and Clint were doing 800s. Clint looked great after his 50K, and Andy won his race this weekend. So no matter who shows up, there are always good running stories to trade. It was a little windy, and the back stretch was into the headwind. There was probably a 2 second difference depending on which side of the track you were on. Erin and I were going to try to keep it easy, about 1:30 with a 200 jog rest interval. I felt pretty good in spite of my sore rib, and was able to go a little faster with each rep. Erin was super consistent, keeping each one at about 1:28. I am looking forward to some good early training, and possibly some racing before I start looking ahead to Boston in the spring.

Here are the results
1:29 / 1:25 / 1:25 / 1:24 / 1:22 / 1:24
38 / 39

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ugghh. Glad Pisgah is Done

That is one tough course. I thought Mt. Washington was relentless, but after 10 miles of the trails, I was beat. My favorite sign was "Trails Merge/ Gate Ahead". I don't know how to get my head around 18 more miles of that. Two years to think about it.
I felt pretty good the first few miles. Two miles or so on the road/trail before the real stuff begins. I went out at what felt like a fairly moderate pace. I felt good on the first major hill of the trail, and passed 3 or 4 runners. My stomach felt a little queasy at about mile 4, and it came back a couple times later, but it faded quickly each time. I kept a good pace all the way thru to the top of Pisgah ridge, I passed a few and only a couple people passed me. After that it was just hold on as best I could. And there was still a lot to go. It's hard to remember how I was feeling at each mile, but from then on it wasn't too good. I took a couple of spills and several more stumbles. Each one was a jolt that I felt for a while, and am feeling now. My hips and core feel like they took a beating. Miles 8-11 or so were a tough struggle to say the least. I saw Glen on the Kilburn road, I think, and I was feeling fairly good on that road. Then the Davis hill came. That was tough, but the downhill afterwards, and the next 2 miles were just as hard. I felt quite a relief when I made that left turn onto the dirt road. For the last 1 1/2 miles or so I ran pretty well, and gapped the person who was right behind me at the turn by over a minute. It felt really good to get a stride going, even thru the last hills on the road. I finished in 2:12 flat. A 4 minute course PR for me, so I am happy with that. Next year I am going to have to get out on the trails a lot more, and Erin says she wants to as well. Lots of time between now and then.

It was good to see the other finishers, Jeff, Newt, Justin etc. I waited around for the top 50k runners, and like I said, it's hard to think about being out there for another 18 miles. George looked super strong at the finish, so did Greg. I was surprised to see Chris Hayhurst so close behind Greg. He had a very disappointing DNF last year, so he must be doing some good training at the farm.
All in all, a great day.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Looking forward to Pisgah

I've had a couple of fairly good runs the last few weeks. The Wednesday Keenyan workout was one of them. Justin had the plan to do 3 X 600/400/300/200. It sounded ok to me, so while he and Andy were finishing their warm up, I got started so as not to get lapped too often. I kept all my recovery periods to about a minute, usually walking a hundred yards or so. The 600's were definitely the hardest. It was hard to hold pace for the last 1/2 lap. But I felt good about my 400's. 9 months ago or so when I began running with this group, I was just trying to keep my 400 time under 1:35, and I could usually hit 1:30. Now I feel comfortable at 1:23. If I can get them to 80 sec, and my 800's at about 2:50 +, I will be very happy.
As for other runs, I did the rail trail to the dump a couple of times this week. Always a good run, and an ego booster. Sunday I ran with the Brewbakers crew. Jeff and I did 'Death Hill'. That is a well named run. I think I may have to go back and try to do a couple of repeats on it before the winter sets in.
I've been trying to be a little more consistent with the running, even though I don't feel like I am in training mode. But I feel stronger than I did this time last year when I was training for the DeMar. I am really looking forward to Pisgah, and if all goes well, try to break 2 hours. That's about a 8:25 pace overall. But in Pisgah anything can happen. We'll see.

My track results were:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A couple decent Wednesday Workouts

It is a slow road, but I am feeling better and better about the efforts I have been putting in the last few weeks. Last week at the track I had to go early, so I did my workout and ran the warmup with the other Keenyans as my cool down. I did a 6 X 400/800, with 200/400 jogs in between. I felt good about it, and kept fairly consistent times. This week I did 6 X 200/400 with 200 jogs recovery. It was very hot, and even though I felt like puking on the last 400, the times were good. My midweek running has not been as consistent as it was the few weeks prior, but I feel like the relative speed is coming back. And I have really enjoyed the running. Nice slow jogs with Roma in Greenfield. To the dump and back a few times. A decent 5 mile tempo run in the evening. I am really looking forward to some cooler weather. And while my times in the upcoming races (Covered Bridges and Pisgah) might not be my best, I think my fitness level is still good. Maybe I will get serious and look for a late fall/ early winter race to shoot for. Then there is Boston in only about 7 months. Under 3:15? It could happen.

2 weeks track results:
6 X 400/800
1:27 / 2:57 1:32 /3:00 1:29 / 3:02
1:30 / 2:58 1:31 /3:01 1:30 / 2:57

6 X 200/400
37 / 1:27 39 / 1:30 39 / 1:31
38 / 1:29 38 / 1:30 37 / 1:27

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting Back Into It

I've been trying to run almost every day, even if it is only for a half hour or so. I did the Bridge of Flowers 10K in about 44 minutes. Not too speedy. The hill was tough, but I kept all the other miles at about 6:30. Sunday was the first time out with the regular Brewbakers crew in quite a while. It was a fun run with Rudiger. I have done 3-4 miles, twice in my Vibram Five Fingers. I think they are a good training tool. They make my feet a little sore, but not from the impact. Just from using muscles differently. Monday I went about 2 miles up the rail trail, and on the way back, I tried to run smooth and fast. I was doing about a 6/6:30 pace. Not bad for the Vibrams. Wednesday was the track workout with the Keenyans. Great to have Justin back running. Erin and I did a workout of 4 X 200/400, with a 200 jog between each, then a few 200s after that. Nothing too hard. It felt good to have some short bursts of 'speed'.
Here are the results:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to the Running Life

Well, after a while off from any serious or consistent running, I am looking forward to getting back into it. For anyone who hasn't heard, my new business venture didn't work out so well for me, and I will be backing out of the partnership. Too much to talk about on a blog, but if I get the chance to run with you, I'll get you caught up on the details. I promise to keep it from turning into too much of a bitch session. So now with a little more time on my hands, I'll put a few more miles in the log book. I got in a good 9 miler to the wood bridge on monday, and a few other shorter runs on sunday and tuesday. Yesterday I met up with the Keenyans, and I had a good workout with Erin. I had been thinking of doing some longer repeats at about 5k pace. We did 2 X 1 mile at 6:15-20, then a 400 and a quick 200. It's still been hot, and I felt a little fatigue on the longer reps, but not too bad, and no muscle soreness. This weekend is the Bridge of Flowers race, which I have been wanting to run for a few years now, but because of my schedule it has never worked out. I won't be in the best of shape for it, but I'm going to use it as the start of getting things back in perspective in my life. I'm going to try to keep all the parts of my life balanced... with lots of running.
Wednesday Results:
6:15/6:21(mi) 1:22(400) 37(200)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Is July Over Yet?

Well, so far I've had more days running in July than I've had days off. But that's not saying much. Things are starting to settle down a little after opening Magpie, and there is beginning to be a little light at the end of the tunnel. I don't think I will be logging my miles or times for a while, it will be too depressing. If I can get into a routine of 3+ days a week I know my mind and body will feel a whole lot better. I made it out on Sunday morning, although not with the usual crew, just by myself in Greenfield. I was sore and stiff from a long night in front of the oven, but by the end of about 5 miles or so I felt much more loosened up. This morning I made it out to the trails in Highland Park. The weather was perfect, and the trails were great. I actually felt like I was running, not just plodding along. I worked a bit on form, because I know when things are tight, better form helps to loosen them up. I am hoping to make it out again this afternoon, then to the Wednesday run with the Keenyans. But this time, only 1 warmup run. That would be 4 runs in 4 days. Way to finish up July with a flourish.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wednesday with the Keenyans

It's been taking a long time to get my mind back into workouts, and even though I feel like I have put in some decent workouts recently, there hasn't been a drive to finish strong. It's been too easy to decide to cut it short and say it was good enough. Yesterday was one of those days. My times were ok, I felt alright, but the opportunity came up to cut it a little short, and I called it a day. Still an ok day, and I think I'm keeping my fitness level about the same, but progress isn't there.
Anyways, the Keenyans who showed up were: Justin, Andy, Greg, George, Erin, Sam?, Mark and me. Erin and I decided to do some 800s, 6 was the plan. after 4 we thought about doing some 400s & 200s to finish up. We ended up doing just 2 more 400s and calling it a day. Still 2 1/2 miles of speed work at a decent pace, but not too challenging.


Saturday is Mount Washington. I am looking forward to it, but we'll see how it goes. I am shooting for between 1:30-1:35.

Monday, June 14, 2010

1 Hill workout before Mount Washington

Well, I finally got in a hill workout before Mount Washington next week. I did 4 repeats of Joslyn Hill in Surry instead of the usual Sunday long run. It was a good effort for me, and I felt like I could have done a few more. It's almost exactly a 1 mile hill from where I started. I did just a short warm up, rested a minute or two, then started right up. It's a pretty steep grade, and consistent the whole way. It goes up about 500 ft /mile. Mount Washington averages about 621, almost 25% more. Yikes. My split times were faster than I think I can do the race, all under 10:30. I was glad to do each one a little faster, and I really had to push hard to get the last one under 10. I was pretty spent at the end of each repeat, so we will have to see what it's like to string 7 of them together. If I can keep just under 12 min pace, I'll do 1:30. So my goal is between 1:35- 1:30.

Mile Splits (with mile jog downhill to rest)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday Pyramid

It was a kind of cold and rainy Wednesday at the track, but a good workout nonetheless. The group consisted of me, Justin, Greg, Bojo and a new runner, Mark. Mark Miller is nursing a sore achilles tendon, and he wisely missed the workout. The new Mark is closer to my speed than most of the other guys, so it was good to have someone to run with and push me a little bit. After the warmup and a few striders, Mark and I decided to do a Pyramid workout, 2-4-8-12-12-8-4-2.I ended up not being able to hold on to the 2nd 1200. We only did a 400m rest lap between them, and that wasn't enough for me. So after the first lap I took a short break and then ran another 400. My splits were pretty consistent, and I felt like it was my first decent speed workout since the marathon. It was a total of about 3 miles of speed work. I was shooting for my 200m split times to start at 35, and go up about 5 sec for each longer rep. I kept pretty close to that.

My times were:

36 / 1:20 / 2:57 / 4:36
1:28 / 1:20 / 3:02 / 1:23 / 35

Today I am planning to run some hills in Shelburne Falls to try to get ready for Mount Washington.

Monday, May 31, 2010

A running group of 1

Well, it had to happen. I was the only one of the usual group to show up for the long run on Sunday. It was the first time in a while that I had to do my long run by myself, and it was a little hard to get motivated at first. I headed out the bike path to the rail trail, headed towards the dump. It was a beautiful day, a little hot in the sun, but once I got to the trail and the shade, perfect. The rain from the night before hadn't puddled up on the trail too much, and it was soft and easy. I kept thinking of Justin, Mark and Erin in the VCM, and I was hoping it wasn't too hot for them. I cruised up to the wood bridge in about 52 minutes, about 8:20 pace. Nothing too speedy, but I was enjoying the morning. After a little rest, and all the bug bites I could handle, I headed back down. A mile or so into the return I saw a group running well, and it turned out to be Greg, Jeff an a couple others from the Wednesday group. I turned around and joined them for their trip to the bridge. Now the pace was a bit quicker, but it still felt ok. Heading back again, I wasn't sure how long I could stay up with them, and after a a few miles, I thought I'd drop back a bit so as not to hold them back too much. Once I dropped back just a little, I actually felt better, and I caught back up pretty easily. Once we broke out of the shade I knew it would be a different story, and by the time we crossed the highway, I knew I had to let them go. I walked just a bit and regrouped. I made it back from the bridge in 44 minutes, about 7:10. Shows what a slight downhill will do, plus running with a faster group.
In the afternoon, Roma and I went to North Hampton and ran the 5K course on the trail. It was a nice leisurely pace, and a great way to end the day. So it ended up being my first twofer, 15 am, 3 pm, 18 for the day.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Someone old, someone new.....

My son, Michael, joined us for the Wednesday workout.  He is thinking about running cross country next fall, and who better to train with and learn from than this group.  The Keenyans today were: Justin, Mark, Andy, Greg, Jeff, Erin, Bill, Michael and me.  It was super hot for his first day, so I gotta give him credit just for showing up.  He played a little tennis while the usual group went for a fairly quick warm up.  I had already thought about keeping the repeats short, so we decided to just do some 400s and 200s.   Pacing was important, because it's easy to start off too fast, and then feel demoralized if you can't hold it, especially in the heat and on your first workout.  We tried to keep the 400s at about 1:30.  I would have liked to do a few more, but again, with the heat, less was fine.  
The splits were:
37/36(Michael 31)
Of course Michael felt the need to kick my ass in the last 100m.  Right now I think I can still take him in anything over a mile.  800s are a toss up.  Anything less than that forget it.  Youth wins. It will be fun to see how long I can hold on to the longer distances if he decides to stay with it.
The cool down was a bit of a challenge for me in the heat.  My mouth was parched, and I felt pretty wiped out for such a short effort.  At the end we went to Happy River to sit and cool off.  It felt great,  and I really felt my heart rate drop when I cooled down.  Then it was off to Armadillos for beer, burritos and banter (Michael gets 2 out of 3).  Best of luck to Justin, Mark and Erin at VCM on Sunday.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I just like to post this picture every now and then so we all know there's no point in complaining. No matter what difficulties you've been handed, you can overcome them. This dude is one tough motha...

Sunday to the Dump

Sunday was a perfect day for a run to the dump. A few of the regulars were joined by Justin and Jeff from the Wednesday track group. The group consisted of Rudiger, Jeff R, Erin, Justin, Jeff Goupil and Me. We started out up the bike path, with Justin, Jeff, Erin and me at about 7:45 pace. Erin is getting ready for the 1/2 at VCM, plus she ran a race on Saturday, so she dropped back after a mile or so. I've been feeling a lot of congestion lately, I think it's allergies, so the pace for me was comfortable, but still a little hard. The weather was great, and when we made it to the rail trail, the shade and soft dirt made for really nice running. Justin won the Bedford 12K, and I enjoyed hearing the recap of the race from him and Jeff. As usual, the way back made for some easy and faster miles, soft, shade and slight downhill. Very enjoyable at about 7:15. But as we got out of the shade, things heated up and I was glad we only had a mile or so to go. Justin looks super strong and smooth, and Jeff if getting right back into the swing of things after dealing with some knee problems. I really enjoy all the different people I run with. Somehow I always end up in the middle, between older & younger, faster & slower. I get so much out of it no matter who I run with. I'm just glad I can keep up with these guys on their easy miles.
Tonight is the Greenfield Summer Sizzler, but I don't think I will be able to make it. Tomorrow I am planning to do some hill repeats to try you get ready for the Mount Washington race.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


It was a good, although still fairly light track workout. I still don't have too much direction without a race on the schedule. It was a good showing at the track, with most of the usual group and a few newer members. Good for me, because they are about my speed. Mark, Justin, Andy, Bojo, Jeff, Brad, Bill and me. I hadn't decided what to do, and Brad and Bill were going to do 2x800, 4x400 and 2x200. Sounded good to me, and the pace was about right, so after the usual warm up and some striders, we got into it. Started out a little fast, but I was able to keep fairly even splits. It seemed to be over pretty quickly, and at the end I was feeling like I should do a little more, but I opted not to. I gotta get a little more focused. Justin and Mark were looking great as they cruised 800s in about a 4:40 pace. Strong and smooth. My split times were:


Definitely a short workout. But I'm looking forward to this weekend, because Justin and Jeff are planning to meet up with the Sunday group. An easy 15 miles at 7-8 min pace for them should be a good tempo run for me, something I haven't done in a while. Mount Washington is in 4 weeks, so next week I'm planning to do some more hill repeats, and begin keeping track of my mileage again.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunday to S&J's, Monday Sizzler

The routine of Sunday long runs and Monday Sizzler races is back in full swing. We had a good group running up to Stuart & John's pancake house on Sunday. Erin, Diane, Jeff Rudiger and I left from downtown, while Christina, Newt and Geraldine went for a few miles down from S&J's, then headed back. Erin is training for the VCM relay, and we went out at a fairly decent pace, about 8:00. It's about 13 mile up, and the weather and trail were perfect. We ran into Newt Geraldine and Christina at about the 10 mile mark, and we all got to the pancake house at approximately the same time. It was a great way to spend the morning, and thanks to Jeff for organizing the rides back.
The Monday Sizzler was at Norway Hill, with Honest Abe presiding over the festivities. Bojo and Goupil were there to pace Jeff's girlfriend, Haley. A mile down, a mile flat, then about a mile up. That pretty much sums up the course, and my mile splits certainly reflect it. 5:41/6:10/8:22, for a total of 20:14. A pretty good time for me, and good enough for 6th. Although I would have been way behind Jeff and Boj if they had been racing. The middle mile is a fairly good indication of where I should be for a 3 mile race, right about 6-6:15 pace. I was again about a minute behind Yolanda Flamino, and any thoughts I may have had about trying to beat her once in this series are quickly fading. She is one solid runner. Next week we head to Greenfield, a longer, but easier course than the last two. And today will be a little wet for the track, but it will be fun. My son Michael has said he might be there. I'm sure I can still take him in a 5K or longer, but those days are numbered. He may do cross country for the fall. I hope so. It would be good for him and the conditioning will help in all his other sports.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wednesday Track

It was a fun day to work out at the track. No wind, and a good group, Dan, Justin, Andy, Mark, Greg, Erin and Brad. After a fairly quick warm up at about 7:15 pace, Dan and I were trying to figure out what workout to do. The others were doing mile repeats, and we figured we could keep their pace for about 1 lap, so that's what we did. Do a 400 at about 1:15-1:20 pace, an easy jog 400, then catch back up to them on the last lap. It worked pretty well for a couple of times, then we decided to do a few 800s, then a mile to finish it off. All in all I felt it was my first solid workout since Boston, and I was very pleased how consistent my times were. The cool down was a lot of fun, with Erin leading the way, again, at about a 7:15 pace. I think she has really started to see the value of running with such a great group. Since neither one of us puts in the kind of miles or even volume for the track workouts, you can really have a lot of fun on the cool down, once you get used to it. And, she brought cookies to Armadillos. I don't think you could ask for anything more.

My times were:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer Sizzlers are back

The Summer Sizzlers started up on monday, and it looks like it should be a lot of fun again this year. I don't know how many I will be able to do, but if I am around, I'll be there. This week started from the Hancock Depot, for a tough 2 1/2 mile out and back course. The first mile has a hard hill in it, that kind of takes the wind out of your sails for the rest of the race. A little downhill to the turn around, then back up on the return. It's good to have the downhill for the last mile or so, but it's hard to pick up the speed when you are winded. My mile splits were: 7:10, 6:27, 3:04 (1/2 mile), for a total of 16:42. I came in 6th, I'll have to check my results from last year to see how my times compare. I was about a minute behind the top woman, Yolanda Flamino, who I found out later was the 2010 usatf 50k champion. There were some fast runners there as usual. It was good to see fellow Keenyan Jeff Goupil take 3rd. Hope to see more of the Keenyan group out there for this fun and fast series.
Today we hit the high school track again, and Sunday, it looks like a Stuart and John's run for some pancakes.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday Track

It was a cold rainy and windy Wednesday for the track. I have a little post-marathon cold, so I wasn't planning to do too hard of a work out. It was just Greg, Bojo, Andy me and a new guy whose name escapes me right now. Justin showed up for the start, but he's nursing a sore foot after 156 miles in 8 days. Of course he picked the crappiest day in weeks to miss, but I guess we can cut him a little slack. Once the run got underway, it didn't seem too bad, but heading back to the track the rain and wind picked up and I was beginning to rethink my reasons for being out there. I thought about doing a 400/800 workout, but my cold and the wind convinced me to just do some 400s. I ran a few trying to keep pace with Bojo on his 800s, and I was surprised how well I was keeping up. At the end, I trailed Greg and Andy for some 200s. The first one I was only 2 secs behind, but I knew that wouldn't last. It was a small but good group at Armadillos. Next week I am looking forward to a little longer workout as I get back into it.

My results were:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Back on the track, road and trails

I made it out for the Wednesday track workout, and although I was a little stiff, it went fine. My calves and back are the only lingering issues from the marathon, so I'm grateful for that. The workout went well, I was planning to do just a few easy 400s. I met up with Dan, who had planned to do 2 mile repeats. I told him I would do alternating laps with him, to keep him on pace of about 6:45. I ended up doing 400/800/800/400, with 400 jog between each. I felt good about it, and then the cool down on the trail for about 2 1/2 miles. Everything felt fine, and I was glad to be on the soft trails.
I still had a little stiffness thru out the week, and didn't run.
Saturday I went out on the trail for about 5 miles, and was a little stiff to begin with, but once I got moving I felt fine. I think that is how it will be for the next week or so, but again, glad to be out there. Sunday will be with the regular group, possibly up to the dump, about 12 miles.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boston Splits

Here are my split times for the marathon. I was very pleased how even my times were, right up till about mile 24/25.

Mile Time Mile Time Mile Time
1 7:37 10 7:17 19 7:11
2 7:29 11 7:29 20 7:29
3 7:21 12 7:16 21 7:59(Heartbreak under 8)
4 7:19 13 7:22 22 7:29
5 7:57(pee)14 7:16 23 7:25
6 7:19 15 7:24 24 7:59(Hanging on under 8)
7 7:15 16 7:12 25 8:02(Shit! One over 8)
8 7:24 17 7:37 26 7:59
9 7:17 18 7:35 26.2 7:07(Keenyan Style)

On my watch, I had 26.45 miles, so I guess I did an extra 1/4 mile according to the Garmin. It put my pace at 7:29, but officially I was 7:33.

My 5K splits were:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


First off, I want to thank everyone who has helped and inspired me thru the last year. Newt, you're the best Boston tour director anyone could ask for. Jeff, thanks for the ride home and the camaraderie along the way. Julie, Pat and Cheryl, thanks for the support and encouragement at the race. And most importantly, everyone I run with. Fast or slow, having a good day or not, been running for years or new to the sport. I've gained so much from your friendship and insights along the way. Well, before this sounds too much like an Oscar acceptance speech, on with the race report.
The Newtmobile left from Brewbakers promptly at 7:00, and made it to the start by about 9. Plenty of time to drop off bags, warm up etc. It was a beautiful morning, bright blue skies, a bit cool, and other than a little crosswind, perfect. I saw Andy while I was on my way up to drop off my bag. It's always good to see someone you know at such a big event, especially a fellow Keenyan. I was in corral #11, and it took about 9-10 minutes to get past the start. Obviously, it was a bit crowded for the first mile or so, and even thru most of the race I had to pick my way thru runners much of the time, but that is the way it is in such big races. I was able to settle into a pretty good pace right off, keeping it under 7:25. I was feeling a little tightness in both hamstrings from the beginning, and although I wasn't worried about it, I wasn't too sure how it would play out later. The miles really seemed to go along pretty quickly, and every time I checked my watch for the first 20 miles or so, my average lap pace was 7:23. I passed the half way point right on target for a 3:15, at 1:37:31. I was feeling a little fatigued by the time I got to the hills, but they never really seemed that bad. I slowed down a bit, but I didn't need to walk them at all. After each hill there is a slight downhill section or flat which really helped out, especially after the top of Heartbreak. By mile 22 or so I was feeling pretty spent, and I had to walk a few time to take a bit of a break. Even so, when I was running, I was able to keep my pace to about 7:30. I only had 1 mile that was over 8. After a couple tough miles, it was right onto Hereford, left onto Boylston, for what has to be the best half mile of any marathon. The finish is a long ways off when you make that left, but the crowd are truly amazing. I picked up the pace the whole way down, until about 20 yds from the finish, where a guy cut in front of me and made me halt my stride, instantly cramping up both my hamstrings. I can't wait to see what the finish line photos look like, with me limping and clutching my ass with both hands. So it goes. I could only chuckle once I walked it off and loosened up. 3:17:53 and a PR by about 8 minutes. 4146th overall, so with a bib number of 11802, that means I passed about 7600 runners. I was very pleased with my time, and only lost about 3 min in the 2nd half. Always a lot of emotions at the end of something like that. I was very proud of what I had achieved, grateful to everyone who helped me get there, and relieved that it was over.
I walked around quite a bit afterwards, and met up with Beth, then Newt and Alan. We made our way to Bertucci's for dinner and a beer. And thanks again to Jeff for the ride home and the conversation. All in all, I had a great day, and thanks to everyone for the calls, texts and emails after the race.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Final Wednesday Prep

The last little tune up went well. A beautiful day, a not too tough work out, and the chance to watch some really great runners sharpening their skills. I've said it before, but I really feel honored to be among such a fast and welcoming group. The Keenyans were: Andy, Justin, Greg, Jeff, Peter, Dan, Erin and me. Andy and Justin were doing mile repeats. I ran the first 400 with Andy, because my 400m pace is about the same as his marathon pace. I would have liked to have done a few more, but our laps just didn't sync up. Justin looked like he was running super strong for his miles. I felt good for my 8 X 400, and I kept pretty even splits. I ran one extra with Erin for her last lap, and when I finished, I turned around to see Peter barreling down the track, looking like a locomotive with a full head of steam. Awesome tends to be an over used word, but not in this case. His stride is really amazing to watch. Dan and Erin both put in solid workouts, and they are both looking stronger and more comfortable with the track stuff. The cool down was the usual 2 1/2 mile on the rail trail. After such a light work out and with the weather so nice, I felt like I wanted to do a lot more, but I think I'd better save it. The table is getting pretty packed at Armadillos afterwards, and it's always a good time.

My times were:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Small Sunday Group Run

I got in my last real run before Boston, 11 miles at marathon pace (hopefully). 7:25 seemed pretty easy, so with good nutrition and sleep this week, we'll see how things go. I did the early route for the first 5 1/2, then met with Ann and Erin, who decided to run up to the dump and back (12 miles). Most everyone else was at the Great Bay 1/2. I did the first mile with them, then picked up the pace a bit for a couple more before turning around. The way back flew, with 2 of the 3 miles under 7. A little faster than I probably should have run, but it felt good, the wind was at my back, a beautiful day and a slight downhill. How could you ask for more. Right now they are calling for a high temp of 57 on the 19th, so I think it should be a good day. This weeks track workout will be short, 6 X400 at 1:25 or so, then a couple of 3-5 milers at marathon pace. Rest the legs and focus the mind.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wednesday with the Keenyans

It was hot and a little windy, and that made for a tough workout. I had planned on doing the 8 X800 workout from last week, with a short rest between reps, and I came close to making it. I think the first hot day zapped a little energy from just about everyone there, including me. My first set went well, with all reps under 3:00. I didn't feel great starting the 2nd set, and I didn't finish one of the 800s. I was able to regroup after a minute or so, and I finished the last 2 at 3:01, and kept the rests under 2. There was a good showing of runners: Justin, Bojo, Greg, Andy, Dan, Erin, Clint, Angela and the kids. Armadillos was packed when we arrived, but we got a table, and it was great to relax a bit after the hot workout.

My results were:

2:48/ 2:53/ 2:55/ 2:58
3:01/ 1:27(400)/ 3:01/3:01

Looking forward to a somewhat shorter tempo run today, then 10-12 at marathon pace for Sunday.

Friday, April 2, 2010

To the Dump

I got in a good tempo run on the rail trail up to the dump Thursday afternoon. I didn't feel too great for the first mile or two, but as things progressed, I felt better and better. I made it up to the bridge in 34:44. It's been a while since I've done this run, and I kinda forgot how long the last stretch is from when you can just see the bridge. I started running hard a little too early, and had to slow it up a bit. My pace averaged about 7:25. Everything always goes better on the way back with this run. It's really easy to get into a zone, and just let it fly. Other than having to stop at the couple big wet spots near the end, I ran hard the whole way, doing it in 31:30, or 6:42. That kept my average pace at just over 7.
I'm planning to do 15-18 on Sunday, keeping it to marathon pace. Good luck to Justin and Andy, who are doing a fast finish long run on Saturday, at about my 400m pace. You guys are amazing.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wednesday with the Keenyans

I was just starting to feel better after a little cold this weekend, and I had planned to run 8X800 as a bit of a fitness test for Boston. The warm up went fine, I wasn't feeling great, but things loosened up well. Then, half way into the first 800 I knew I was in trouble. My time was good, but I just didn't feel I could hold pace for the distance. I started the 2nd rep, and after the first lap that I knew I wouldn't make it. So, after a little regrouping, I decided to run 400s. Those went ok, but even after just 300M my lungs were tight. I was able to run them at a decent pace for me, but it wasn't easy. It seemed like it was a bit of an off day for a few of the others as well, with the exception of Andy, who just keeps looking stronger and stronger. The cool down was a nice 5 miler up the rail trail, then thru the woods to Hurricane Road. The forest trail was really great, with soft pine needles, and not too many puddles for all the rain we've had.

The Keenyans were: Justin, Andy, Greg, Bojo, and Mark.
My splits were:

With the weather looking better, I think today I will head up the rail trail to the dump for a 9 mile tempo. The downhill finish is always a good mood elevator.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lots of miles, now the taper

This weekend was a good cap to my training for Boston. The Fast Friends Race was great, with a fun and tough course. Ash hill was hard. It was difficult to recover from it so early in the race, and it made the rest of the course a struggle to keep pace. Luckily for me, I was running next to the top woman, and I think we both ran faster because we were fairly evenly matched. Neither one of us could pull away from the other, until about 1/2 mile to go I got about 10-15 feet ahead. Then that last little hill before route 10. It took out whatever wind I had left in my sails, and I didn't have the legs to keep up with her for the last 50 yds or so. I was glad to be in the top 10, and 1st in the 40s. The name of the race was right on, because 5 of the top 6 racers were friends from the Wednesday Baker street/track gang, plus lots of other friends from the local running community. It's really a privilege to train with such a fast group. And the race was very well done. You can tell when a runner organizes a race, because it has all the things you need, it's kinda low key, and it just works well. You could see it in the faces of the other runners. No one was wondering where to go or what to do. Andy did a great job, and he was a welcome sight at the top of the last hill at the end. After the race the group did a cool down of the course in reverse, and it's hard to say which way is more difficult.

Sunday was my last long run before the Boston, and I put in 9 at marathon pace before meeting up with the group. We went down the rail trail to Swanzey for about 5 1/2 miles. I ran a fairly easy pace with Erin, and on the way back I picked it up for the last 4 miles or so, keeping it at 7:15-7:30. I felt a bit fatigued, and I stopped once or twice, but I felt good about the effort. Now the taper begins, and just to make sure I don't go out too hard, I picked up a bit of a cold. A little extra sleep will do me well the next few weeks.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I made it out for my tempo run, and was able to push it pretty hard for me. I had planned on 9 miles, with 7 at about 7:15 or so. I headed out on my usual 5.5 mile loop, and tried to decide what to do to add on a few miles. The first 2 miles were good, with George Street twice, I still kept it to about 7:30. I felt stronger as the run went on, and I kept dropping the pace, till I got to about 7. I finished with a 6:40 for mile 10, and overall average pace of 7:10. Now I'm hoping to keep the Fast Friends race to about 29 or 30 minutes. It should be a fun and challenging course.
Mile splits were:
*George St. miles

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Big Wednesday Group

Lots of people showed up for the Wednesday track workout. New time, sunny weather, spring races coming up. It's great to see everyone out there, doing their own workout. I think the group consisted of Mark, Justin, Greg, Bojo, Andy, Clint, George, Jeff Goupil, Jeff Richardson, Ed, Erin, and me. 12. From early 20's to 50 something. A good span of ages and abilities.
I had planned on doing a 10 X 400, with a 400 rest between. But even though I felt ok, I stopped at 8. Sometimes you have the desire to push out the last couple, sometimes you don't. Andy had a killer workout of mile repeats, all under 5 min pace. I did keep all the reps at about 1:25, so I felt good about that.

My results were:

Today I'll try a long tempo run, about 9 miles with at least 7 at marathon pace or below. I think there a group will be meeting at Brewbakers at about 4:30, for anyone who wants to get together.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Not too big of a week...

I didn't get out too much this week, just the hill work and my Sunday long run. I went out early for 8 miles, before meeting up with the group. I held the pace to about 7:10-7:20, and I felt like I could have gone on that way for a while longer. Maybe not the whole 15-18 miles, but I felt good. Met with the crew at Brewbakers, and ran about 10 with Brad. It was a very enjoyable run on the lower portion of the rail trail. Great to get back on the dirt instead of the roads. We kept about 8:15-8:40 pace, and I picked it up for the last 1 1/2 miles or so, holding it at 7:00 the whole way. I'm looking forward to doing a good tempo run this week, then hopefully some fairly fast 400s at the track, then the Greyhound Race on Saturday. I drove the course this morning on my way into town, and it should be challenging to say the least. Both up and downhill sections look tough. For my long run on Sunday, I plan on 20-22 miles at marathon pace +15. Then the taper begins.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Speed work in disguise

Since I won't be able to make it to the track on Wednesday, I decided to do a modified speed workout today. After 2 miles to the top of Old Concord Road, I set my timer for 3 minutes, cruised down about 2/3 of the hill, and then did a 10X 3 minute hill repeat workout, 3 hard up, 3 coast down. The first few were pretty tough, and at about 5 I wasn't too sure I'd make them all. But thank God for the light at the end of the tunnel. When I made it to 8 I knew I could grunt out the last 2. It's amazing how hard a workout can be, but when it's over, you feel more energized. I think this was comparable to the 'Yasso 800s', and that's what I'm planning for one workout in the next 2 weeks, to check overall fitness. If I can keep them between 3:05 and 3:10, I think that will translate to a 3:15-3:20 marathon.
And a big congratulations to Andy McCarron. Boston Bib numbers came out this week, and he's about 1040 or so, which is about as low as you can get, and about 10,000 below me. Great job.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cold & rainy Sunday

Well the great weather couldn't hold out for too long. It wasn't too bad, but after last week, it was hard to put the long tights back on. I went out early for a 6 mile loop, keeping the pace at about 7:30. Then met up with Rudiger, Jeff and Erin- not quite as many as the usual Sunday crew, but still great to be running with others. We split into two groups pretty quickly into the loop up to the dam, Rudiger and Jeff, and Erin and me. Erin kept a solid pace under 8 for the whole way, and I really enjoyed the conversation on the run. On the way back I asked her if she wanted to pick it up a bit for the last mile down Court St. We were doing about 7:20 with about 1/2 mile to go, and with the last little bit a slight down hill, I let it fly to Main St. I got down to about 6:40. I really like to run hard towards the end of a run. Back on Main Street got me to about 18, so while Erin went in for coffee, I continued on the bike path for another 2. I kept it at 7:20/7:09 for my last two miles, so I feel good about that, especially for running hard up to the dam and back. Rudiger and Jeff had added a bit onto their run as well, and we met back at Brewbakers. A little easier to get a table with such a small group, plus daylight savings time keeps people from getting out too early.
So I made it to 50 for the week, and I'm looking forward to the days being light later next week. Hopefully the weather will be as good as last week.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Jeff's Kinda Quiet but not Boring Fartlek..

Another Thursday afternoon run with Geraldine and Jeff. I did 3 miles beforehand, then met up at Brewbakers to decide what to do. We did the usual 5 1/2 mile loop, plus Jeff's add on up the Washington street extension. There wasn't too much snow past the gate, so we went a little further. On the way back, Jeff wanted to go to Baker St. to do an 800. But first came the sprint up George St. I figured the 800 made up for the one I skipped on Wednesday, and I did it in about 2:52. Total for the day was 10, which is good for me for mid week. I plan to run Saturday for a few easy miles with Randy. And with Sunday, I should be should be about 55 for the week. That's tops for me for marathon training. Two or three more tough weeks, then the welcome taper.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Get in and hold on...

Another tough Wednesday workout, with Justin, Greg, Bojo, Peter, Dan and me. I had thought of doing 10 X 800, but Justin had a pyramid in mind, with a short recovery time, half the previous efforts time. 4/8/12/16/12/8/4. As usual, I started out too fast, I think I was only about 9 or 10 seconds behind those guys. I settled in to a good pace for the next two sets, then came the 1600. The last lap of that round was a killer. When I finished, the others were just starting their second 12. In what seemed like no time, they were done, and I had to hurry and regroup to get mine in. I ended up not doing the second 800, because I didn't want the others to wait too long, plus I was exhausted. The cool down went down to catch the last leg of the Covered Bridged 1/2, about 5 miles or so. I felt great for having done such a hard work out, but I was glad when it was done. It's been great to have such good encouragement from all these really fantastic runners. I am truly thankful to be a part of such talented group, who are both super focused and still lighthearted in their approach to running.

My results were:

400 - 1:18/42
800 - 2:52/1:25
1200 - 4:34/2:15
1600 - 6:13/3:10
1200 - 4:39/2:02
800 - DNA
400 - 1:21

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Road Crew

It was another beautiful day, and first I ran my usual loop around the block, 5 1/2 miles, in about 40 minutes, about 7:15. A few new runners met up on the Sunday Long Run. I ran most of the way with Erin. She's training for the Burllington Marathon, to run as a team with her sister. As it turns out, she ran the Paris Marathon the year before I did. I didn't do quite as many miles as I had planned, but I still totaled about 45, and I feel strong and fairly rested. I'm looking forward to a good week of training next week. The weather should be great till a little rain for the weekend. I hope to put in two solid days during the week, with two easy days. Then a solid 20 for next sunday, with the last 10 at Marathon pace or even a little faster. Should be a good test.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Randy 5

I went out with Randy for a lite run up the rail trail. The weather was great, and even though I usually don't go out for a saturday run, it was too good to pass up. The trail was still a little frozen and muddy in spots, but it was still a nice late morning run.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wednesday workout

I had a good workout today, even though I felt pretty sluggish for most of it. My legs were a little tired from tuesday running. Met up with the Keenyans for the usual warm up. Then to the workout-- 12 X 400, with about 1-1:30 rest interval. As usual, I started out way too fast, then settled in to a good pace, but I struggled a bit towards the end. I was having some timing issues in the beginning. I was wearing my GPS, and it's set up for auto lap. I changed it after the 2nd lap, but it's hard to remember where the settings are when you're huffing and puffing.

The results were:

All were under 1:30, so that's a pace between 5:40-5:50. That's good for me for a quarter mile.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jeff's Crazy Fartlek

I started the afternoon off with a 5 1/5 mile progression run, starting at about 8, and finishing with the last 2 miles about 6:30-6:45. It felt good after a day of rest form Sunday's 20. Then I met up with Jeff, Ann and Geraldine, for what was supposed to be another easy lap. But Jeff was the leader of the run, and he wanted to see where the marks are for the Baker street 800. So we ran around once, then Jeff wants to run once hard, so we did that. Then it's up around to George street, thankfully down this time instead of up. And of course it wouldn't be a loop around if Jeff didn't add on the Washington street extension. Back up Rule street, then down George, then down Washington to Brewbakers for a total of 7.25, with the day total at 12.75. A little much for the day before running with the Kenyans, but if felt good to get the miles in. But if felt even better to be running is shorts for the first time this season in NH.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back from Berzerkely...

Back from a great trip to the West Coast. I went for a few days to check out some pizza ovens and to take a little break with Michael. I knew I was in Berkeley, because when we first got there and went for lunch, we were already talking about where else to eat. All the food was fantastic, from the multi course dinner at a friend's house, to the fancy night out, to tamales and fried chicken sandwiches. But wait, this is a running blog... the Berkeley hills were great too. I went for 6, 8 & 11 milers, all in shorts and all with at least 2 miles of hill climbing. And not rolling, gentle hills. The first day was up to the Lawrence Berkeley Hall of Science, with a 2 mile straight climb, just to see if I could do it. A few sections were quite steep. The next day was longer, and the hills a little more moderate, but still good climbs. Then on Monday I went for 11 miles up the fire trails. Most was rolling, but a couple of sections were very steep, with one about 1/2 mile long and a pure scramble to make it to the top. Thank God for the great coffee and carbo loading at The Cheeseboard. And now back to New Hampshire, wet and snowy. But still, the running is good. Had a nice time with Geraldine, Jeff, and Rudiger on Thursday night. But getting a little taste of running in shorts instead of leggings is a special kind of torture.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Miles to go before I sleep....

6 X 1 mile repeats for me, and it was a hard workout. Originally, the fast guys were going to do 4-6 miles, and I thought I would do 4 or 5. Then Justin decides to up the ante to 8, so I followed along like a lemming and did 6. I planned on keeping the pace to about 6:20-6:30. The first mile was 6:04, and it felt hard, but good. I slowed down a few ticks with each rep, but I never totally bonked, keeping all but 1 under 6:15. all my 400 jogs were about 3 minutes, so I felt like it was a good effort with out too much rest in between. And another good cool down at a good pace for me, and thanks to a power block from Mark, I felt fine till I got to the car. Good food, beer and conversation at Armadillos afterwards.

My times were:
Next week I'll be in Berkeley.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'd rather be running in it than driving in it

Lots of snow and slush on the roads, but at least there weren't too many cars. It was only slippery in a few spots, like Old Concord road and George street. Earlier in the day I had thought about doing a few hill repeats, but after 1 hill, I was done. All in all, still good to be out in it.

New Zoots

Tried out some new shoes today, Zoot tt 2.0. They are light weight, flexible and very comfortable. I took them out for my usual 5 1/2 mile route, and was planning on doing about 45 minutes (8:10) for a recovery run. They felt good the whole way, so I ran a little harder, and finished pretty comfortably in 40:40 (7:23). Not bad for me on the day after 20. I don't think they will make it for too many miles, the rubber on the bottom is light weight. I think I will do my next 20 in them to see how my legs feel afterwards, then save them for races.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


The first 20 of training is in the books. I went out early with Jeff on a nice 9 mile course down Swanzey way. We headed back up the rail bed to 101, then down 101 to the Marlboro extension, then back to Brewbakers. We went out at about a 9+ pace, then picked it up to about 8:30. Met up with the usual crew, Geraldine, Christina, Ann, Newt, Ed, Brad, and Rudiger to run to the Dam and back. It was a bit breezy on the way out, we went at about a 9 pace. Took a little break at the dam, but Rudiger kept right on going. I decided to see if I could keep my marathon pace for the last 5 miles or so, to see if I could catch him. I kept a 7:30-7:40 pace for about 2 miles, then I really put the hammer down (for me at least). The last 3 miles were 7:22, 7:08, 6:54. Way under marathon pace. Damn GPS. First I thought, lets see if I can keep it to MP, then that felt good, so lets see if I can do 7:30. Ok, 7:15.... before I know it, I'm running about as hard as I can down Court street, trying to eek out another second under 7. I felt strong, and I know the quality runs over the last several weeks are the reason why.

We all met back at Brewbakers for a Valentines edition of the weekly coffee/muffin gathering. Next week most of the crew is off for the Half at the Hamptons, and I am in Berkeley. It will be a quieter, less sweaty sunday at Brewbakers.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Evening run with Jeff & Rudiger

A good 6 miler with Jeff & Rudiger, with thanks to Jeff for the GPS. We did the around the block loop, with George Street twice, and then up the Washington Street extension for a little bit. We quickened the pace a little for the second half, then I ran Marlboro street hard for a good finish. I'm looking forward to my first 20 on Sunday, and then try to do some quality runs next week. I'm feeling strong right now for Boston, only 9 weeks away. I should get in 4 20/22 milers, with a 2 week taper.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Short and Sweet

The Wednesday run with the Keenyans went quick. A quick warm up, short workout, then a fast cool down.
The workout was 2 X 200/400/800. My times were:


I was just starting my last 800 when Justin was finishing his, so I was only about 3 minutes behind him. Of course, I haven't run as many miles as he has this week. But still, I keep my goal as trying to only be lapped once during the workout. And I felt strong running the cool down, when usually I am just trying to hold on and keep up.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Long Run

Geraldine returned to the sunday group, and we had a fairly good sized bunch. Jeff, Rudiger and I went out again early for an easy 5 1/2. Then we met up with Christina, Geraldine, Ann, Ed and newcomer to the Sunday Long Run, Scott. Scott set a good pace that I tried to keep up with on the Chapman loop. The hills proved a bit difficult, but we made it to the top, and waited just a few minutes for Jeff, Ann and Ed. We all cruised down Jordan, and went up Old Concord Road for about 3/4 of a mile or so. Then back down, meeting up with Christina and Geraldine. Scott and I pushed the pace a bit the rest of the way, going up George Street, then down Lincoln to Marlboro and to Main, for a total of about 17. I ran hard for the last mile or so, and felt good. We all met back at Brewbakers for the usual coffee and the rest. About 38 miles for the week. Next week a bit more, with 20 for Sunday.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Took a break from running for the end of the work week, trying to heal a sore foot. And work has been very busy. I'm looking forward to the Sunday Long Run of 18 with Rudiger and Jeff. I will try to get in a good 5-6 mile hard run for the finish. We will see how it goes and who shows up.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wednesday Run

A good workout for me. 8 X 800, all under 3:10, wit a 400 recovery jog between reps. Then, what for me amounts to a 3 mile tempo run as a cool down. I really like to push to run hard after a workout, it's good training for running hard when fatigued. And I only got lapped once by the speedsters, but it was close. It seemed like everyone had a good workout. Justin, Andy, Mark, Greg, Bojo and Justin's dad, Dan. He's just getting back to running, and I'm looking forward to getting some miles in with him on Wednesdays or other afternoons. It will be good to have someone to run the workout with.


I slowed down a bit in the end, but keeping all 8 under 3:10 was good for me.
We met up at Armadillos afterwards, and I'm really enjoying getting to know such a good group. Best quote of the evening- "Beer has food value, but food has no beer value." Mark Miller.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Good Turnout

Another great turn out for the Sunday Long Run. Rudiger, Jeff and I started at 9:15, putting in an early 5 1/2 'Around the Block'. Then we met up with Ann, Brad, Ed, Christina & Newt to head up past the golf course to the dam. The pace was a consistent 9-9:30. With about 2 miles to go, I wanted to put in a strong finish. I started out at a 8:00 pace, then dropped to 7:30, then just over 7. I felt very strong running down Court Street. I know the weekly runs with the Keenyans have improved both my speed and stamina. A total of 40 miles for the week, and no major problems. 11 weeks to Boston. Next week 18 again on Sunday, then alternate 20/22 & 18. Mid week miles should go up only slightly.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday with the Keenyans...

Another good workout for me. Even though I run the intervals by myself, and it's a bit of a struggle to stay up with those guys for the warm up and cool down, it's great to be part of such a strong group of runners. Justin, Andy, Greg, Mark & BoJo. They can all put in some pretty sick times, and as long as I only get passed once or twice I feel good. They are all very encouraging, and I never feel like they have to wait for me or are going a little slow for the old guy. It's a great accent and contrast from the Sunday Long Run for me. Everyone from both groups has the same enthusiasm and camaraderie for the sport, with no judgement. But it's one thing to feel like when you are going fairly easy and you're pushing the group. And quite another to be running as hard as you can just to keep up. I am really looking forward to see where this can take my running.

I did 2(6 X 400) repeats, with a 400 recovery between reps. and I walked the 400 between sets.


Even most of the recovery laps were fairly decent speed, and no resting at the starting line- just right into another 400. Cool down of about 3 miles or so, with a 2 1/2 mile warm up. Total of about 11 1/2 miles.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Great Turnout

Lots of runners showed up for the Sunday Long Run! Christina, Newt, Jeff, Brad Smedley, Ed Guyot, Steve & Rudiger. Our little band is growing by leaps and bounds. Mark Miller stopped by at the beginning while he was loosening up for a mile race in Boston. He ran a 4:10. Rudiger and I put in 4 1/2 miles before the group run. As a group we ran out the bike path, to West st. up Park ave to the C&S parking lot. Crossed the highway and up the hill to Old Walpole Road. Then down court street. Total of about 9.6 miles. With the 4 1/2 earlier, about 14 for the day. Good run, great people, fun time.
Looking forward to an aggressive week of running. The best laid plans of mice and men....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Getting Back on Track

Slowly getting back to it after being sick. I've put in some good miles (for me) since Sunday. 14 on Sunday, 10 Tuesday, with mile repeats, 10 Wednesday, with the Keenyans. Sunday was a good group, with Geraldine, Christina, Jeff, Ann, Newt and. Tuesday I planned on a longer tempo run, but my lungs wouldn't hold it for more than a mile or so, so I did repeats. The Wednesday workouts are a great test. Just keeping up with those guys for the warmup and cool down is an accomplishment. With that, one other quality run during the week, and a Sunday long run with a few quality miles, and I feel like I will be good to go for Boston. I'm thinking about the Vermont City a month later, but I'll have to see how work schedules go.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


The dreaded flu. Fever, chills, congested, lungs hurt. Before it got too bad I went for an easy run on Monday. It felt good to clear out my sinuses, but now I'm toast. I don't think it hurt to get in a little exercise. I hope I can make the Sunday long run, because I have to really start ramping up for Boston. Only about 15 weeks away, and I want to get in at least 4 18-22 milers. I need to be there by the middle of Feb. March will be the killer month, with April taper.