Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting Back Into It

I've been trying to run almost every day, even if it is only for a half hour or so. I did the Bridge of Flowers 10K in about 44 minutes. Not too speedy. The hill was tough, but I kept all the other miles at about 6:30. Sunday was the first time out with the regular Brewbakers crew in quite a while. It was a fun run with Rudiger. I have done 3-4 miles, twice in my Vibram Five Fingers. I think they are a good training tool. They make my feet a little sore, but not from the impact. Just from using muscles differently. Monday I went about 2 miles up the rail trail, and on the way back, I tried to run smooth and fast. I was doing about a 6/6:30 pace. Not bad for the Vibrams. Wednesday was the track workout with the Keenyans. Great to have Justin back running. Erin and I did a workout of 4 X 200/400, with a 200 jog between each, then a few 200s after that. Nothing too hard. It felt good to have some short bursts of 'speed'.
Here are the results:

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  1. Good workout. I'm interested to hear more about your Vibrams. See you next Wednesday.