Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Is July Over Yet?

Well, so far I've had more days running in July than I've had days off. But that's not saying much. Things are starting to settle down a little after opening Magpie, and there is beginning to be a little light at the end of the tunnel. I don't think I will be logging my miles or times for a while, it will be too depressing. If I can get into a routine of 3+ days a week I know my mind and body will feel a whole lot better. I made it out on Sunday morning, although not with the usual crew, just by myself in Greenfield. I was sore and stiff from a long night in front of the oven, but by the end of about 5 miles or so I felt much more loosened up. This morning I made it out to the trails in Highland Park. The weather was perfect, and the trails were great. I actually felt like I was running, not just plodding along. I worked a bit on form, because I know when things are tight, better form helps to loosen them up. I am hoping to make it out again this afternoon, then to the Wednesday run with the Keenyans. But this time, only 1 warmup run. That would be 4 runs in 4 days. Way to finish up July with a flourish.