Sunday, March 24, 2013

Yearly Update

A few highlights/lowlights from the year after Boston.

Hot summer.
Good running in the summer.
Half Marathon PR (1:30:49).
Missed goal by :50.
Turned 50.
Ran Pisgah 50k. Slow time. Awesome race.
Fall.  Nice.
5k PR (19:18)
Missed goal by :19.
New Job. High school is way more of a pain in the ass the second time around.
Can't find the time or motivation to run more than once a week.
Winter.  Cold.  Sucks.
Shitty 'running' in the winter.
Lots of medical shit.
Glaucoma. Yea! Not the other shit they thought it might be.
Running improves.
Riding the bike trainer most mornings before school.
Trying to eat better.  Low on the food chain.  Less sugar.
Beer is good.
Sierra Nevada is great, and is water from my homeland.
Some fantastic snow days running. Maybe teaching isn't that bad.
Signed up for the Zermatt Marathon. 1900m elevation gain, finishing at the base of the Matterhorn.
Spring is not here yet.
Gonna be at the track on Wednesday.