Thursday, September 2, 2010

A couple decent Wednesday Workouts

It is a slow road, but I am feeling better and better about the efforts I have been putting in the last few weeks. Last week at the track I had to go early, so I did my workout and ran the warmup with the other Keenyans as my cool down. I did a 6 X 400/800, with 200/400 jogs in between. I felt good about it, and kept fairly consistent times. This week I did 6 X 200/400 with 200 jogs recovery. It was very hot, and even though I felt like puking on the last 400, the times were good. My midweek running has not been as consistent as it was the few weeks prior, but I feel like the relative speed is coming back. And I have really enjoyed the running. Nice slow jogs with Roma in Greenfield. To the dump and back a few times. A decent 5 mile tempo run in the evening. I am really looking forward to some cooler weather. And while my times in the upcoming races (Covered Bridges and Pisgah) might not be my best, I think my fitness level is still good. Maybe I will get serious and look for a late fall/ early winter race to shoot for. Then there is Boston in only about 7 months. Under 3:15? It could happen.

2 weeks track results:
6 X 400/800
1:27 / 2:57 1:32 /3:00 1:29 / 3:02
1:30 / 2:58 1:31 /3:01 1:30 / 2:57

6 X 200/400
37 / 1:27 39 / 1:30 39 / 1:31
38 / 1:29 38 / 1:30 37 / 1:27