Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday Pyramid

It was a kind of cold and rainy Wednesday at the track, but a good workout nonetheless. The group consisted of me, Justin, Greg, Bojo and a new runner, Mark. Mark Miller is nursing a sore achilles tendon, and he wisely missed the workout. The new Mark is closer to my speed than most of the other guys, so it was good to have someone to run with and push me a little bit. After the warmup and a few striders, Mark and I decided to do a Pyramid workout, 2-4-8-12-12-8-4-2.I ended up not being able to hold on to the 2nd 1200. We only did a 400m rest lap between them, and that wasn't enough for me. So after the first lap I took a short break and then ran another 400. My splits were pretty consistent, and I felt like it was my first decent speed workout since the marathon. It was a total of about 3 miles of speed work. I was shooting for my 200m split times to start at 35, and go up about 5 sec for each longer rep. I kept pretty close to that.

My times were:

36 / 1:20 / 2:57 / 4:36
1:28 / 1:20 / 3:02 / 1:23 / 35

Today I am planning to run some hills in Shelburne Falls to try to get ready for Mount Washington.

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