Monday, June 14, 2010

1 Hill workout before Mount Washington

Well, I finally got in a hill workout before Mount Washington next week. I did 4 repeats of Joslyn Hill in Surry instead of the usual Sunday long run. It was a good effort for me, and I felt like I could have done a few more. It's almost exactly a 1 mile hill from where I started. I did just a short warm up, rested a minute or two, then started right up. It's a pretty steep grade, and consistent the whole way. It goes up about 500 ft /mile. Mount Washington averages about 621, almost 25% more. Yikes. My split times were faster than I think I can do the race, all under 10:30. I was glad to do each one a little faster, and I really had to push hard to get the last one under 10. I was pretty spent at the end of each repeat, so we will have to see what it's like to string 7 of them together. If I can keep just under 12 min pace, I'll do 1:30. So my goal is between 1:35- 1:30.

Mile Splits (with mile jog downhill to rest)

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