Friday, April 2, 2010

To the Dump

I got in a good tempo run on the rail trail up to the dump Thursday afternoon. I didn't feel too great for the first mile or two, but as things progressed, I felt better and better. I made it up to the bridge in 34:44. It's been a while since I've done this run, and I kinda forgot how long the last stretch is from when you can just see the bridge. I started running hard a little too early, and had to slow it up a bit. My pace averaged about 7:25. Everything always goes better on the way back with this run. It's really easy to get into a zone, and just let it fly. Other than having to stop at the couple big wet spots near the end, I ran hard the whole way, doing it in 31:30, or 6:42. That kept my average pace at just over 7.
I'm planning to do 15-18 on Sunday, keeping it to marathon pace. Good luck to Justin and Andy, who are doing a fast finish long run on Saturday, at about my 400m pace. You guys are amazing.

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