Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wednesday with the Keenyans

It was hot and a little windy, and that made for a tough workout. I had planned on doing the 8 X800 workout from last week, with a short rest between reps, and I came close to making it. I think the first hot day zapped a little energy from just about everyone there, including me. My first set went well, with all reps under 3:00. I didn't feel great starting the 2nd set, and I didn't finish one of the 800s. I was able to regroup after a minute or so, and I finished the last 2 at 3:01, and kept the rests under 2. There was a good showing of runners: Justin, Bojo, Greg, Andy, Dan, Erin, Clint, Angela and the kids. Armadillos was packed when we arrived, but we got a table, and it was great to relax a bit after the hot workout.

My results were:

2:48/ 2:53/ 2:55/ 2:58
3:01/ 1:27(400)/ 3:01/3:01

Looking forward to a somewhat shorter tempo run today, then 10-12 at marathon pace for Sunday.

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