Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wednesday with the Keenyans

I was just starting to feel better after a little cold this weekend, and I had planned to run 8X800 as a bit of a fitness test for Boston. The warm up went fine, I wasn't feeling great, but things loosened up well. Then, half way into the first 800 I knew I was in trouble. My time was good, but I just didn't feel I could hold pace for the distance. I started the 2nd rep, and after the first lap that I knew I wouldn't make it. So, after a little regrouping, I decided to run 400s. Those went ok, but even after just 300M my lungs were tight. I was able to run them at a decent pace for me, but it wasn't easy. It seemed like it was a bit of an off day for a few of the others as well, with the exception of Andy, who just keeps looking stronger and stronger. The cool down was a nice 5 miler up the rail trail, then thru the woods to Hurricane Road. The forest trail was really great, with soft pine needles, and not too many puddles for all the rain we've had.

The Keenyans were: Justin, Andy, Greg, Bojo, and Mark.
My splits were:

With the weather looking better, I think today I will head up the rail trail to the dump for a 9 mile tempo. The downhill finish is always a good mood elevator.


  1. James, that looks like a solid workout for feeling under the weather. That will def help in Boston, shows your strengh

  2. Thanks Jeff. The cold is pretty much over now. I got in a good run yesterday, and I'm feeling good about Boston. Hope to see you at the track.