Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday Track

It was a cold rainy and windy Wednesday for the track. I have a little post-marathon cold, so I wasn't planning to do too hard of a work out. It was just Greg, Bojo, Andy me and a new guy whose name escapes me right now. Justin showed up for the start, but he's nursing a sore foot after 156 miles in 8 days. Of course he picked the crappiest day in weeks to miss, but I guess we can cut him a little slack. Once the run got underway, it didn't seem too bad, but heading back to the track the rain and wind picked up and I was beginning to rethink my reasons for being out there. I thought about doing a 400/800 workout, but my cold and the wind convinced me to just do some 400s. I ran a few trying to keep pace with Bojo on his 800s, and I was surprised how well I was keeping up. At the end, I trailed Greg and Andy for some 200s. The first one I was only 2 secs behind, but I knew that wouldn't last. It was a small but good group at Armadillos. Next week I am looking forward to a little longer workout as I get back into it.

My results were:


  1. Nice workout man. Also that is good you are feeling that good shortly after the marathon, shows what type of shape you are in.

  2. Look forward to next week. Great workout. Running on bad weather days makes you tough.

  3. Thanks guys. Jeff how's the knee doing? And where is death hill?