Friday, December 10, 2010

Wednesday Workout, My Own Wagon Train

Well, I sort of felt like Cleavon Little's character on the wagon train in Blazing Saddles,

"-Well, back in ’56, my folks and I were part of this long wagon train movin’ West. Well, not exactly part of it. You might say we was bringin’ up the rear when suddenly, from out of the West came the entire Sioux nation. And let me tell you baby, they was open for business."

While everyone else was running in a pack, I was left to my own devices, and I had a pretty good workout. Things almost never seem to go as planned, and while I had wanted to do 6 x 800, I felt kinda wiped out in the middle of the second rep. Since I didn't need to convince anyone else to change but me, on the fly I went with 4 x 800/400. I kept all the rests to about 1:20, and that gave me a bit of a chance to fully recover after the 4s. My times were good and consistent for me, and I felt strong most of the way thru. I had wanted to keep all my 800s under 3:00, and I was close. It just gives me something to shoot for next time.

Here are the results:
2:56 / 1:26 / 2:59 / 1:28
3:02 / 1:24 / 3:00 / 1:23

Keeping with the movie theme, we'll call the 17 M titles No Country For Old Men, as the two oldest (Clint and Me) took the surprise crowns. It seemed like no one really wanted the first one, or at least no one was willing to make a break too soon. I felt a nudge in my back from Goupil, "Now. Go now!" he whispered. And while Justin and Greg were eyeing each others every twitch, I took off. I know Justin had a tough week, so maybe I didn't take him at his best. Plus when he turned and saw it was me, not Goupil making the move, I could see the instant calculations going on in his head that if he took me down he would look like the Grinch in Whoville. But hey, a win is a win. The second title was a much more competitive event, with all the big guns firing. A couple of fake kicks got everyones pace moving, when all of a sudden Clint busts out, determined not to be caught. Greg made a valiant effort towards the end, but it was Clint at the tape.
Armadillos was a lot of fun afterwards, and it was great to see Mark doing so well and in such good spirits after his accident. Plus, I think Boj Nick Cashed everyone at the table. Just for him, here's the link to the deer audio clip. Warning, not suitable for young children, which most of us are, so it's perfect.

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