Sunday, December 19, 2010

First Week Of Boston Training In The Books

Things went pretty well with the first week of training for Boston.  17 weeks to go. My training plan is only a 16 week plan, so I am going to do the first two weeks twice.  That should ease me into it, and get me thru the holiday season.  I started off with the first short tempo run on Tuesday.  Somehow I had my times mixed up in my head, and I was thinking I needed to keep it at a 6:15 pace.  It was a nice afternoon, and I went out with Jeff Petro (original FART member) for an easy 2 mile warm up.  At the top of George Street I started out on my 2 mile at what seemed like a good clip for me.  But every time I looked at my watch, I couldn't get the average pace below 6:30, which is what I clocked for the first mile.  I ran hard the 2nd mile, thinking I needed to pick it up.  But I had been struggling with a chest cold the last couple of days, and giving it just about all I had made it a 6:32 pace (13:05 for 2 miles).  I was a little bummed, because if the first run was this hard, and I couldn't even make the pace, maybe I was in the wrong training plan.  I jogged back to meet Jeff, and we finished up with a couple more miles easy.  When we got back to Brewbakers and I went to log my run, I realized I only needed a 6:34 pace, which is basically (INC) what I did.
The next day was with the Keenyans, and while my chest kept me from doing the last 1600 I had planned, I was able to keep the others right at pace.  Today I went out early in Greenfield for a 13 mile run.  The first mile was easy, with the puppy, then I went out at a 7:45 pace.  Miles 2-4 were uphill to the top of Poet's Seat, and I was having a hard time keeping it at 8.  At the top, my average pace was 8:07, but I figured I'd pick that back up on the downhill back.  When I got back to town at about mile 6, my average was sill only 8:00, so I had some work to do the second half of the run. My head kept calculating and recalculating the paces I need to drop my times.  I figured I had 15 seconds to drop, and 6 miles to do it in, so I had to go down 2-3 seconds/mile.  It was hard, but I kept making progress, and by mile 10 I was at 7:48.  The last few seconds would be hard to whittle down.  But when I finally saw 7:45 back on the GPS, I got a lift and ran the last mile hard, clocking a 6:52. That brought my average down to 7:42. I felt good having run hard and faster the 2nd half, but I keep wondering how I am supposed to run twice as far at 30 seconds faster.  Gotta keep with the plan.

Here are the weekly totals:

MON. : 3 mi & Nautilus
TUES. : 6 mi, 2 @13:05 (6:33/mi)
WED. : 8 mi & workout (2 x 1600m/4 x 200m)
THU. 0 mi
FRI. : 5 mi FART (10 runners!)
SAT. : 5 mi
SUN. : 13 mi, 12 @ 7:42 (1:32:20)

TOTAL : 40 mi


  1. I like the (INC). Great training. BOston should be a good one.

  2. Thanks Justin. I am feeling really good about where I am for the start of my training. It has been a great year training with you guys. Thanks.