Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mmmm... Hot Chocolate. Damn...20:04

The Hot Chocolate Run in Northampton was a lot of fun, but I was hoping to break 20 minutes, and I just missed. The course was kinda hard, with a hill right at the start, and then a bit of a grade for the first mile. The middle mile was good, and I picked up a little ground, but then there was a hill with a head wind at the start of mile 3. I cruised after the hill for most of the last mile, and I felt pretty good, but then we made the turn for the finish onto the hill from the start, and it was a little to steep for me to let it fly down. All in all I felt good about the race, but I would have liked to been under 20. Something to shoot for next time. And it should be noted that this was the first official race for team FART. It was good to see the team affiliation on Cool Running. Andy came in 4th. I don't think CMS has anything to worry about with FART.
It was a good week besides the race. I got in my best mileage since Boston, and nothing hurts. Roma and I have been trying to get out early in the morning for a few miles to tucker out her new puppy. They aren't the fastest miles I do, but hey, it got me over 40. Plus we have been hitting the gym a couple of nights each week. The Y in Greenfield just got a new 10 person jacuzzi, and it opens tomorrow. More incentive to cross train.

Here's last weeks totals:
TUESDAY : 9 mi
WEDNESDAY : 8 mi, w/ track workout
THURSDAY : 2 mi, in huraches w/Roma & Frankie
FRIDAY : 7 mi, w/ light gym workout
SATURDAY:2 mi am w/Roma & Frankie,5.5 mi pm
SUNDAY : 12 mi, w/ 5K (20:04)

TOTAL : 45.5 mi
Last Week : 37 mi
Next Week Goal ; 40-45 mi / 3 gym work outs / 6 X 800 <3:00 at track

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