Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Run To The Dump In The Dark

I got a late start on my run Tuesday, and I ended up running up to the dump and back in almost total darkness. Not quite epic by Boj's standards, but challenging. It was obviously a bit slower than I had wanted to run, but it is sure a great way to stay focused. I even found it a little addicting. Even though I know if I run on trails in the dark too often I am almost certain to get hurt, it was compelling and almost hypnotic.
I had a fairly good week of running. Nothing too crazy, but nothing hurts, so that is good. I feel like I am just getting my base together, with a little bit of speed and tempo stuff thrown in, and in 2 weeks start some more sustained and serious training.

Here are the weekly totals:

TUESDAY : 5 mi w/ core workout
WEDNESDAY : 4 mi, at the gym
THURSDAY : 9mi, w/4.5mi race(29:15)
FRIDAY : 4mi, at gym & workout
SUNDAY : 15 mi

TOTAL : 37 mi
LAST WEEK : 38 mi


  1. I have run on trails twice at night, but for only about 25 minutes each time. You certainly have to slow down and really be careful. Running at night does not guarantee you will get injured, but probably it is VERY likely you will fall at some point. Still it is great fun. We should organize a group to do this?

  2. Epic would have been if you remembered to bring your trash and recyclable! Just kidding-- sounds fun!