Thursday, February 18, 2010

Miles to go before I sleep....

6 X 1 mile repeats for me, and it was a hard workout. Originally, the fast guys were going to do 4-6 miles, and I thought I would do 4 or 5. Then Justin decides to up the ante to 8, so I followed along like a lemming and did 6. I planned on keeping the pace to about 6:20-6:30. The first mile was 6:04, and it felt hard, but good. I slowed down a few ticks with each rep, but I never totally bonked, keeping all but 1 under 6:15. all my 400 jogs were about 3 minutes, so I felt like it was a good effort with out too much rest in between. And another good cool down at a good pace for me, and thanks to a power block from Mark, I felt fine till I got to the car. Good food, beer and conversation at Armadillos afterwards.

My times were:
Next week I'll be in Berkeley.

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