Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wednesday Run

A good workout for me. 8 X 800, all under 3:10, wit a 400 recovery jog between reps. Then, what for me amounts to a 3 mile tempo run as a cool down. I really like to push to run hard after a workout, it's good training for running hard when fatigued. And I only got lapped once by the speedsters, but it was close. It seemed like everyone had a good workout. Justin, Andy, Mark, Greg, Bojo and Justin's dad, Dan. He's just getting back to running, and I'm looking forward to getting some miles in with him on Wednesdays or other afternoons. It will be good to have someone to run the workout with.


I slowed down a bit in the end, but keeping all 8 under 3:10 was good for me.
We met up at Armadillos afterwards, and I'm really enjoying getting to know such a good group. Best quote of the evening- "Beer has food value, but food has no beer value." Mark Miller.

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