Sunday, February 14, 2010


The first 20 of training is in the books. I went out early with Jeff on a nice 9 mile course down Swanzey way. We headed back up the rail bed to 101, then down 101 to the Marlboro extension, then back to Brewbakers. We went out at about a 9+ pace, then picked it up to about 8:30. Met up with the usual crew, Geraldine, Christina, Ann, Newt, Ed, Brad, and Rudiger to run to the Dam and back. It was a bit breezy on the way out, we went at about a 9 pace. Took a little break at the dam, but Rudiger kept right on going. I decided to see if I could keep my marathon pace for the last 5 miles or so, to see if I could catch him. I kept a 7:30-7:40 pace for about 2 miles, then I really put the hammer down (for me at least). The last 3 miles were 7:22, 7:08, 6:54. Way under marathon pace. Damn GPS. First I thought, lets see if I can keep it to MP, then that felt good, so lets see if I can do 7:30. Ok, 7:15.... before I know it, I'm running about as hard as I can down Court street, trying to eek out another second under 7. I felt strong, and I know the quality runs over the last several weeks are the reason why.

We all met back at Brewbakers for a Valentines edition of the weekly coffee/muffin gathering. Next week most of the crew is off for the Half at the Hamptons, and I am in Berkeley. It will be a quieter, less sweaty sunday at Brewbakers.

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  1. Well done, James. "Damn GPS" ... That is too funny!!!