Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jeff's Crazy Fartlek

I started the afternoon off with a 5 1/5 mile progression run, starting at about 8, and finishing with the last 2 miles about 6:30-6:45. It felt good after a day of rest form Sunday's 20. Then I met up with Jeff, Ann and Geraldine, for what was supposed to be another easy lap. But Jeff was the leader of the run, and he wanted to see where the marks are for the Baker street 800. So we ran around once, then Jeff wants to run once hard, so we did that. Then it's up around to George street, thankfully down this time instead of up. And of course it wouldn't be a loop around if Jeff didn't add on the Washington street extension. Back up Rule street, then down George, then down Washington to Brewbakers for a total of 7.25, with the day total at 12.75. A little much for the day before running with the Kenyans, but if felt good to get the miles in. But if felt even better to be running is shorts for the first time this season in NH.


  1. Well, I guess I deserved this kind of "notoriety"!! All in good fun, and I really don't mind if someone says NO!!

    PS Geraldine had a fine finish to our run as she relaxed and just coasted into downtown Keene!

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  3. Hey James, you have a running blog. Cool. I stopped by today but you must have been out running. I still want to hook up with you on one of your sessions with the "fast guys".