Thursday, March 11, 2010

Get in and hold on...

Another tough Wednesday workout, with Justin, Greg, Bojo, Peter, Dan and me. I had thought of doing 10 X 800, but Justin had a pyramid in mind, with a short recovery time, half the previous efforts time. 4/8/12/16/12/8/4. As usual, I started out too fast, I think I was only about 9 or 10 seconds behind those guys. I settled in to a good pace for the next two sets, then came the 1600. The last lap of that round was a killer. When I finished, the others were just starting their second 12. In what seemed like no time, they were done, and I had to hurry and regroup to get mine in. I ended up not doing the second 800, because I didn't want the others to wait too long, plus I was exhausted. The cool down went down to catch the last leg of the Covered Bridged 1/2, about 5 miles or so. I felt great for having done such a hard work out, but I was glad when it was done. It's been great to have such good encouragement from all these really fantastic runners. I am truly thankful to be a part of such talented group, who are both super focused and still lighthearted in their approach to running.

My results were:

400 - 1:18/42
800 - 2:52/1:25
1200 - 4:34/2:15
1600 - 6:13/3:10
1200 - 4:39/2:02
800 - DNA
400 - 1:21


  1. Nice work out! Have you planned a race before your marathon?

  2. Thanks Jeff, it was a tough work out. I don't have anything else planned, except for the Greyhound run on the 27th. Hope to see you out on the track soon.