Thursday, March 25, 2010

Big Wednesday Group

Lots of people showed up for the Wednesday track workout. New time, sunny weather, spring races coming up. It's great to see everyone out there, doing their own workout. I think the group consisted of Mark, Justin, Greg, Bojo, Andy, Clint, George, Jeff Goupil, Jeff Richardson, Ed, Erin, and me. 12. From early 20's to 50 something. A good span of ages and abilities.
I had planned on doing a 10 X 400, with a 400 rest between. But even though I felt ok, I stopped at 8. Sometimes you have the desire to push out the last couple, sometimes you don't. Andy had a killer workout of mile repeats, all under 5 min pace. I did keep all the reps at about 1:25, so I felt good about that.

My results were:

Today I'll try a long tempo run, about 9 miles with at least 7 at marathon pace or below. I think there a group will be meeting at Brewbakers at about 4:30, for anyone who wants to get together.

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