Monday, March 22, 2010

Not too big of a week...

I didn't get out too much this week, just the hill work and my Sunday long run. I went out early for 8 miles, before meeting up with the group. I held the pace to about 7:10-7:20, and I felt like I could have gone on that way for a while longer. Maybe not the whole 15-18 miles, but I felt good. Met with the crew at Brewbakers, and ran about 10 with Brad. It was a very enjoyable run on the lower portion of the rail trail. Great to get back on the dirt instead of the roads. We kept about 8:15-8:40 pace, and I picked it up for the last 1 1/2 miles or so, holding it at 7:00 the whole way. I'm looking forward to doing a good tempo run this week, then hopefully some fairly fast 400s at the track, then the Greyhound Race on Saturday. I drove the course this morning on my way into town, and it should be challenging to say the least. Both up and downhill sections look tough. For my long run on Sunday, I plan on 20-22 miles at marathon pace +15. Then the taper begins.

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