Friday, March 12, 2010

Jeff's Kinda Quiet but not Boring Fartlek..

Another Thursday afternoon run with Geraldine and Jeff. I did 3 miles beforehand, then met up at Brewbakers to decide what to do. We did the usual 5 1/2 mile loop, plus Jeff's add on up the Washington street extension. There wasn't too much snow past the gate, so we went a little further. On the way back, Jeff wanted to go to Baker St. to do an 800. But first came the sprint up George St. I figured the 800 made up for the one I skipped on Wednesday, and I did it in about 2:52. Total for the day was 10, which is good for me for mid week. I plan to run Saturday for a few easy miles with Randy. And with Sunday, I should be should be about 55 for the week. That's tops for me for marathon training. Two or three more tough weeks, then the welcome taper.

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  1. This was a really fun route. It has a couple of good hills, some descending, and then the little spiffy 800 for good measure. Flat roads = boring running to me. But this is James' blog! Not mine! I'm glad he is nice enough to follow my suggestions!!