Thursday, January 21, 2010

Getting Back on Track

Slowly getting back to it after being sick. I've put in some good miles (for me) since Sunday. 14 on Sunday, 10 Tuesday, with mile repeats, 10 Wednesday, with the Keenyans. Sunday was a good group, with Geraldine, Christina, Jeff, Ann, Newt and. Tuesday I planned on a longer tempo run, but my lungs wouldn't hold it for more than a mile or so, so I did repeats. The Wednesday workouts are a great test. Just keeping up with those guys for the warmup and cool down is an accomplishment. With that, one other quality run during the week, and a Sunday long run with a few quality miles, and I feel like I will be good to go for Boston. I'm thinking about the Vermont City a month later, but I'll have to see how work schedules go.

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