Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Long Run...

The usual sunday crew got a visit from Justin Fyffe and Steve Chabbot. Sort of the Wednesday Rabbits come to run with the Sunday Tortoises. Really a pleasure to have such great runners be so enthusiastic about the sport, and willing to run with those of us who aren't as fast. The whole gang consisted of Geraldine, Newt, Diane, Christina, Jeff, Justin, Steve and myself... 8 in all. We did the Chapman/Concord road loop. I kept up with the boys to the top of the hill, or at least they let me. Then they went to the water tower and Diane and I ran pretty hard to the bottom of Concord. Then she gets the idea to run back up and meet Newt and Geraldine. Coulda thought of that before we got to the bottom of the hill, but it made for a good run. Total about 9 miles. We all met back at Brewbakers, but it was a little too crowded--a good thing. Very enjoyable, and everyone got to run at their own comfortable pace.

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