Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunday to S&J's, Monday Sizzler

The routine of Sunday long runs and Monday Sizzler races is back in full swing. We had a good group running up to Stuart & John's pancake house on Sunday. Erin, Diane, Jeff Rudiger and I left from downtown, while Christina, Newt and Geraldine went for a few miles down from S&J's, then headed back. Erin is training for the VCM relay, and we went out at a fairly decent pace, about 8:00. It's about 13 mile up, and the weather and trail were perfect. We ran into Newt Geraldine and Christina at about the 10 mile mark, and we all got to the pancake house at approximately the same time. It was a great way to spend the morning, and thanks to Jeff for organizing the rides back.
The Monday Sizzler was at Norway Hill, with Honest Abe presiding over the festivities. Bojo and Goupil were there to pace Jeff's girlfriend, Haley. A mile down, a mile flat, then about a mile up. That pretty much sums up the course, and my mile splits certainly reflect it. 5:41/6:10/8:22, for a total of 20:14. A pretty good time for me, and good enough for 6th. Although I would have been way behind Jeff and Boj if they had been racing. The middle mile is a fairly good indication of where I should be for a 3 mile race, right about 6-6:15 pace. I was again about a minute behind Yolanda Flamino, and any thoughts I may have had about trying to beat her once in this series are quickly fading. She is one solid runner. Next week we head to Greenfield, a longer, but easier course than the last two. And today will be a little wet for the track, but it will be fun. My son Michael has said he might be there. I'm sure I can still take him in a 5K or longer, but those days are numbered. He may do cross country for the fall. I hope so. It would be good for him and the conditioning will help in all his other sports.

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