Thursday, May 27, 2010

Someone old, someone new.....

My son, Michael, joined us for the Wednesday workout.  He is thinking about running cross country next fall, and who better to train with and learn from than this group.  The Keenyans today were: Justin, Mark, Andy, Greg, Jeff, Erin, Bill, Michael and me.  It was super hot for his first day, so I gotta give him credit just for showing up.  He played a little tennis while the usual group went for a fairly quick warm up.  I had already thought about keeping the repeats short, so we decided to just do some 400s and 200s.   Pacing was important, because it's easy to start off too fast, and then feel demoralized if you can't hold it, especially in the heat and on your first workout.  We tried to keep the 400s at about 1:30.  I would have liked to do a few more, but again, with the heat, less was fine.  
The splits were:
37/36(Michael 31)
Of course Michael felt the need to kick my ass in the last 100m.  Right now I think I can still take him in anything over a mile.  800s are a toss up.  Anything less than that forget it.  Youth wins. It will be fun to see how long I can hold on to the longer distances if he decides to stay with it.
The cool down was a bit of a challenge for me in the heat.  My mouth was parched, and I felt pretty wiped out for such a short effort.  At the end we went to Happy River to sit and cool off.  It felt great,  and I really felt my heart rate drop when I cooled down.  Then it was off to Armadillos for beer, burritos and banter (Michael gets 2 out of 3).  Best of luck to Justin, Mark and Erin at VCM on Sunday.

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  1. I hope he stays with it. That's the thing about running. You get what you put in.