Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wednesday Workout, Twins Take 17M Titles

Well, it seemed like no one else was too satisfied with their workout, but I finally felt like I was turning the corner on the nagging injuries of the last 2 months or so. This was the first actual pain free workout for me since Pisgah. It wasn't too hard, but it felt good to run fast and not worry about pulling anything. I didn't have any plans when we met, but Glenn was doing 200s, so that sounded good to me. I ended up doing 6, then some 400s and then a few more 200s. Andy was doing mile repeats, and I was almost able to keep up with him for is 1st and 3rd lap. The wind was really picking up, and the back stretch was hard enough doing it just once for a 400, so it must have been draining to do it 4 times. He is such a strong runner that it made trying to keep pace with him like running with a metronome.

Here are the results:

6 X 200
4 X 400
2 X 200

As expected, Greg was a winner in the 17M contest, but who could have foreseen the first underhanded tactic being taken by his twin (evil twin?). Boj I could understand, but his own brother? Glenn started off early, saying he didn't want to get 'cold'. I think this must be a strategy Greg has seen before, because he didn't want to wait around for any stragglers. At 3:29, "Where's Fyffe and Andy? I dunno, let's just go." He seemed a little too impatient. But by then Glenn had already built too much of a lead. Round two was Greg's chance for redemption, even with a change in course because of darkness. "Do you want me in front? I have a reflective vest on." Seemed like a good natured offer for group safety. Nothing is as it seems. The twins are crafty.
We met afterwards for refreshments, and certainly Armadillo's is, as a matter fact, generally quite fun indeed. It is unquestionably the de facto spot for post run meal and conversation. Really.


  1. aaahhhh! trying. to. fight. it. cant. resist. anymore. i think what youre trying to say there was 'implied nick cash'(anywhere between 3 and 10 times depending on interpetation). anyone timing at home knows that i resisted for about 1.47 seconds.