Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Couple of Decent Runs

I sit here after a couple of not great, but at least decent workouts back to back. Tuesday I did a 12 mile out and back from Brewbakers up the rail trail. 45 min out, 39 back. It was my first really decent run since Pisgah, and I was feeling a litte tired near the end, but even with some tightness in my calves, I was able to keep a strong pace. Wednesday I was a little late to the workout, and I missed the warm up. I had been on my feet all day, and was a little tight, but I still felt ok. Brad was doing 2x800/600/400/200. I was planning to just do 800s, but this sounded good, even if I didn't think I would be quite able to keep his pace. The first 800 was way too fast for me right now, and it made it hard to keep the rest of the work out together. I couldn't finish the 2nd 600, but at least I was able to regroup a little after that. My calves were tightening up a lot, and I was glad the reps were getting shorter. The cool down went well, and it helped to keep my calves from totally locking up. But for anyone who is reading this, I have one word of advice: Shunji. I'm writing this after an almost 2 hour massage, and every bit of soreness is gone. He is totally worth the ride down to Wendell Ma., no matter if you are shooting for a 2:15, a 3:15 or a 4:15 marathon. He'll put pieces back into place that you didn't even know were out. Well worth the price of admission.

My track times were
2:53 / 3:06 / 2:19 / xx / 1:26 / 1:29 / :41 / :39

Next week I will try a workout from the Running for Fitness website. It is really great to have something that gives you such good pace information.

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