Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 4 1/20 thru 1/26

MON. : 6 mi recovery run. Slow & easy on the snow covered Buckland hills. Hip / back felt good. 
TUES. : 7.5 mi Buckland hills. Medium effort. I could still see most of my frozen footprints from last night. 
WED. : 7 mi Wednesday workout. I got there late and only had time for a 3 lap warmup, the others were already well into their workout. I needed something quick & easy, so I did 4X 200/200/400, all with a 200 rest. It went pretty well, the first round I was still kinda warming up. 
          48/47/1:31   44/42/1:28   43/43/1:28   42/42/1:25
Short workout, but it was better than I would have done on my own. Consistency counts. 
THU. :  1 hour on the bike. Planned to run, but I napped a bit after work and I couldn't psych myself up to head out in the dark. Good workout though. I did 6 X 1:30 repeats, and my thighs we're screaming by the time I was done. 
FRI. : 7 mi Bray loop.  Massage for recovery. Then beer.  No ibuprophen needed.
SAT. : 8.5 mi Bray loop and with the dogs. Lots of snow. 
SUN. :   17 mi. Lots of snow on the ground, friggin cold, solo(except 1 mile with the dogs), hills. Did I mention cold? Just a light breeze and my face felt like it was going to freeze. Luckily I was smart enough to wear three layers where it's most important. Solid effort for the day, 9:30 pace notwithstanding.  Over 50 for the week, 6 days running plus one day on the bike trainer,  and I feel good. 

TOTAL FOR THE WEEK: - 53 mi.  
DAYS RUNNING IN 2014: 17 out of 26 days. 

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