Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Week 3 1/13 thru 1/19

MON. : 7 mi, Hilly, icy, recovery run
TUES. : Rain, rain, go away.  1 hr on the bike.
WED. : 8 mi. First Wednesday Workout with the Keenyans
Felt ok about the workout.  I was a little hungover from too much tequila the night before.  I was having a hard time with the 400s, but I was able to hold the 200s steady.  I took a little extra rest before the last rep, and was able to put in a solid effort for me.  Greg and Andy really hammered their workout.  Good to get back on track, literally and figuratively.
THU. :  
FRI. : 8 mi, Bray loop, hills.
SAT. : 8 mi. A few extra screws in my shoes and a lot of unexpected snow = a lot of fun and 8 1/2 miles for Meg. Wish you could've been here. But of course, you were. We're all running you home. #Megsmiles. 
SUN. :   15 mi.  Hip / back were sore for most of the run. Pace was not realistic because of the conditions. Slippery snow and hills. By mile 10 or so I started to feel a little better, and ran the last 4 miles HARD. Down Old Buckland Road, up/down Crittenden,  then up Bray. Good run. 
TOTAL FOR THE WEEK: - 46 mi.  

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