Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Week of FEB 27th to MARCH Fourth

MON. : -8 mi w/Frank
TUES. :  -5 mi at the gym. Welcome home from El Salvador, Michael.
WED. : -13 mi on snowy trails with boj. Great run, lots of snow & ice. Thanks boj, for saving me from sliding down that long icy slope, but not for telling me the tree I was about to grab was stronger than it looked. Came back like a Willie Nelson song, cold, wet & hungry. It felt great.
THU. -Snow day. Relaxed.  And shoveled.
FRI. : -13 mi 5 w/ Frank.
SAT. : -
SUN. : 22 mi total, w/ 1:12 30k (7:08 pace) Tough course.  I'm glad I've been running lots of hills lately.  Newt's birthday, he was sick, head cold.  I felt bad for him, but he said one of the best lines I have ever heard. 

 "Well, I could either be miserable at home, wishing I was running, or miserable running, wishing I was home."

 March Fourth.  Still the only day of the year which makes a statement.  Happy 70th birthday Newt.  Thanks
Frank's Miles For The Week: 13
Frank's Total Miles For 2012: 105

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