Tuesday, February 18, 2014

WEEK 8 2/17 thru 2/23

MON. :  1/2 hour on the bike as easy warm up, then 45 minute strength workout from RunnersWorld. Good workout. I'm going to try to do a modified version twice a week. 
TUES. :  Snow. I'm a wimp. 1 hour on the bike. Gotta get the goose egg off  the miles per week. 
WED. :  Three days in a row, no run. First time all year, other than traveling. Quality workout on the bike though. 1:15, with 6x3:00 minute intervals to simulate 800s. My legs were burning, but not my whole body and lungs like the way running on the track works you. Tomorrow the roads should be clear. Get the f outta my way. I'm going running. 
THU. :  7 mile Bray Road run. Good to get out. I didn't feel as fresh as I thought I would after such a layoff.  Still good to get out. Shooting for 40 for the week. It could happen. 
FRI. :  Treacherous 5 miles. Winter can stop now. 
SAT. : 8 miles.  Bray loop plus a mile with the dogs. Absolutely a gorgeous afternoon. 40 might happen. 300 for the year. Feeling cautiously optimistic about Boston right now. 3:15-3:20 is what I'm shooting for. Can't say too much or I'll jinx it. 
SUN. :  22 miles. Solid effort. I ran a hard & solid pace from mile 15 to 20+, even with the hills. Last mile was an easy run/walk with the dogs. 30 miles in the last 20 hours or so. I am very pleased how things are going. 

TOTAL FOR THE WEEK: -  42 no longer a  pathetic week miles  
DAYS RUNNING IN 2014: 34 out of 54 days. 


  1. Holy miles! You are really kicking butt this year.

  2. Simply because the only diapers I have to change are my own. I didn't run a step when my kids were young , and I had them one at a time. Overall, your numbers are far more impressive.

  3. Ha ha! Thanks for the perspective!