Thursday, February 13, 2014

WEEK 7 2/10 thru 2/16

MON. :  4 miles, easy.
TUES. :  Another hour on the bike plus a tough ab workout.  I'm gonna have start counting my cross training days.
WED. : 7 miles, Tempo pace.  First time in a while, probably since last summer, that Ive been able to do my regular loop in under an hour. I made it in 56:22.  Good run.  
THU. :  7 miles, same as yesterday, but in the snow.  15 more minutes due to conditions.  Fun run, then 45 minute upper body and ab workout (shoveling).
FRI. : A choice between an early evening date or a late afternoon run. Love won. Good for the heart. 
SAT. : Long day at work. Planned afternoon run. Slacker. 
SUN. :  15 miles, solid effort. I planned to run easy with a fast finish. I felt pretty good by mile 4 or so, & I started to pick up the pace a bit. I ran hard till the end. Pace didn't really matter because of the hills and snow cover, but I kept the effort up the entire way. Amazing that with just a little training, 15 miles feels like a short Sunday Long Run. 

TOTAL FOR THE WEEK: -  33 mi.  
DAYS RUNNING IN 2014: 29 out of 47 days. 

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