Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19th thru March 25th

MON. : -19 mi, w/ lots of hills. Last day of "Winter".
TUES. : -First day of Spring.  Had a Shunji massage.  Some light gardening.  Friggin bugs, first mosquito bite and tick kill.  WAY too early for that.  Gotta take the good with the bad
WED. : -9 mi w/ workout. I had wanted to do 8x800, but it was just too hot, 
and I got totally dehydrated. My face was caked with salt almost as much as 
after a marathon, and my mouth was bone dry after the first 400. Ended up 
doing 3x800, then 400/800/400 and I pulled the plug. I was able to keep my 
paces consistent, so I was pleased with that, even if I wasn't able to do the 
whole workout. It was good to have boj out there with me, but I hope to God
I never get passed in a race with someone in those shoes.
THU. : -8 mi, 6 w/ Frank
FRI. : -5 mi, 4 w/ Frank
SAT. : -9 mi, To The Dump. Went to see Michael's play at the high school, and I completely bonked during the second act of Hamlet.  WTF?! No snacks at intermission?? If it wasn't for a smashed up Fig Newton in my pocket, I don't think I would have made it.
SUN. : -
Frank's Miles For The Week: -10 (he's not a total slacker)
Frank's Total Miles For 2012: 149

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