Sunday, April 1, 2012

March 26th thru April 1st

MON. : -15 mi, w/ lots of hills. 6 w/ Frank
TUES. : -
WED. : -10 mi w/ workout. Again, I wanted to do 8x800, and today it was cool, so I thought I had a good chance. Plan was to keep it to about 3:00. Started out too fast as usual, but after that, 2:54 was feeling ok so I just tried to go with it. I was able to hit it most of the time. On the sixth rep I got a pain in my side that felt a little more than just a cramp, and with just 2 1/2 weeks to Boston, I decided to not do any damage. I still felt good about the workout.
THU. -6 mi, w/ Frank
FRI. : -9 mi, w/ Frank.  Frank's toughest run yet.  
SAT. : -12 w/ Fast Friends 4 1/2 miler @ 29:33. 1st in the 40's. 14th overall.  I was about 9 seconds slower than last year, but the course was a little longer, so I'd say it's a wash.  This is a course where you just have to hang on and do the best you can in the end.  I did ok, I kept boj and Larry Sayers in sight through about 4 miles, and ended up just a minute behind them.  Cool to get the age group win, with Larry being the only one older to finish ahead of me. Glad George didn't show up, or I would've had to settle for the silver. Hope he's feeling ok, but gold is good.
Splits: 6:17/6:49/6:28/6:39/3:16 
SUN. : -RIP (Run In Peace) Caballo Blanco
Frank's Miles For The Week: -21 (making up for last week)
Frank's Total Miles For 2012: 170

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