Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's been a better week for my running than for my blogging, which is a good thing. Last week had a good 5 mile tempo run at about 6:40 pace, track workout of 2x 1200/800/400, and a really fun Sunday long run of 15 miles with the Keenyans, at about 7:20 pace(except for the snow covered bike path, but the effort there was even more, so I'm counting the whole thing as 7:20).  Yesterday was such a nice day that I ran hard, even though today is Wednesday with the crew.   The plan this week called for a 10 mile tempo at 7:15(MP), and I was just a few miles into it when Andy pulled along side on his bike on Marlborough Street.  He rode with me for a little while, and dropped my average pace for the first 5 down to 7:07.  I was feeling really good, even after looping around George Street for the third time, and I was able to drop the average pace to 7:03.  Not too bad for me after Sunday.  Today my legs feel fine, and I am supposed to do 3x1600, at 6 min pace.  So far I've been able to keep my times at or below what the plan has called for, but this will be a challenge.

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