Friday, March 4, 2011

ALTAtude Adjustment, then back to reality.

Back in Alta for a few days of skiing with Michael.  This is really an amazing place.  Some little things have changed, but Alta is still Alta.  It is one of the most low key resorts around, with the best skiing imaginable. It looks like we are going to kinda split the storms, with about 30'' the day before we got here, and another storm moving in the day we leave, but the skiing is still fantastic.  Michael is doing very well, and he has an app on his phone that tracks each run, shows your top speed, how much vertical etc... He's into all the gadgets and tricks. Me? I just like to ski. I am definitely feeling the altitude though, 8000'-10,500' will make you huff & puff after just a little exertion.  Not much running this week, but a few runs off the High Traverse, with my thighs burning half way down, is good enough to call it 'cross training'.

Now back in reality, and I am starting to get a little nervous about my training for Boston.  It's coming up in less than 7 weeks now, and I should be in the middle of crunch time.  I just don't feel like I've been able to string together a series of good weeks, with travel, sickness, weather.  Excuses, excuses, excuses.  My times have still been good for the workouts and long runs I've been able to do, and if it were a shorter race I think I would be able to hit my goal.  But training for a marathon is more than just being able to hit splits for 800s or do a tempo or long run at the target pace.  It's about putting in the miles needed over the full training schedule, and I have yet to link weeks together.  The plan I am on has my last 20 miler 3 weeks before the race, and I am already going to push that back to 2.  The taper has always been an important part of the plan for me, and it still gives me 15 days from my last 20, with Boston being on Monday.  I think I will need it for confidence if nothing else.

This week, like most, has been up and down.  I couldn't get into my long run on Sunday with the weather. On Tuesday I did a good 10 mile tempo run at 10 sec faster than marathon pace(7:06). Wednesday was 6x800 with the Keenyans.  The plan had called for 6x1200, but with the wind and back to back workouts, I felt fine with the effort.  Thursday I went to the gym for an easy workout with Roma, 4 mi, with 3 at or below marathon pace.  I still have some lingering ankle pain from when I twisted it 3 weeks ago, and while it doesn't really hurt when running, it bothers me through out the day.  And with the roads the way they've been, I'm trying to stay as focused as possible to not turn it again.   The roads are getting better, except for the potholes, so hopefully it won't be and issue.  


  1. Sounds like you had fun cross training. It also sounds like you've got a good plan for Boston. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Glenn. The plan is still doable, but it ain't gonna be easy. I hope to see you out there sometime soon, now that the season is over.

  3. Hey James - Alta sounds awesome. i just registered for the BAA 5k on April 17th, so hopefully I will see you in Boston on marathon weekend!!