Monday, March 21, 2011

Big Week

Sunday's long run capped the end of my biggest training week ever, 65 miles.  And there were hardly any 'fluff' miles in there for me to just pad it out.  After the hard run last Sunday, I started out with just an easy 3 or so at the gym to stay loose.  Then Tuesday, I did a long tempo, 10 miles @ 7:03, or about 10 seconds under my goal marathon pace.  Then Wednesday at Baker Street was a solid effort of Mile/2x8/2x4/2x2.  Thursday I did my usual 51/2 mile loop at a pretty good clip, about 7:45. Friday a couple of 7 min miles before meeting with the FART group for an easy 5.  Saturday I intended to go easy, but I felt good on the Double George loop, and I kept the whole thing just under 7 min pace.  I think the fastest I've ever done that loop is about 37:30, so near the end of a big week, I was pleased with that.  Plus, the first mile or so was at a fairly easy pace, so I picked it up along the way.  Sunday called for 20 miles at about 7:45 pace.  The first half was with Julie and Brad on a nice loop around Keene, at a moderate pace.  I pretty much doubled back around for the second loop, going up the rail trail to Whitcombs Mill, then up Felt, and back around on the de Mar course till Court Street and back down to Brewbakers.  I felt pretty strong but not too speedy the whole way.  I'm sure I pretty much depleted my glycogen stores, because I didn't  do any gels or gu, just light gatorade in my pack.  I didn't get much chance to rest when I got back, because the cafe was very busy and I had to jump right in.  By the time I made it back home at about 7:00, I was wiped out.  All in all, it was a solid week, and I am feeling pretty confident about where I am, with 2 more weeks of hard training till the taper.

3/14 - 3/20

MON. : 3 mi am @ gym
TUES. : 11 mi w/ 10 @ 1:10 (7:03)
WED. : 11 mi w/ 16/2x8/2x4/2x2
THU. 5 mi
FRI. : 8 mi
SAT. : 5.5 mi 38:45 (6:58)
SUN. : 21 mi



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