Saturday, March 22, 2014

Well that week…

 Big time. Left hamstring was tight as could be. No running for a while.

MON. :  0
TUES. :  0. Massage. Helped a little. 
WED. : 0
THU. : 0
FRI. :  4 miles, easy. Still a bit tight, but it felt ok to stretch it out.  
SAT. : 8 miles. Fast Friends Race, had to do it. Still a little tight, but ok. Ran about 2 miles solo as a warm up. Took it pretty easy in the race. Finished in 32:44, exactly boj's time from last year. 
 And speaking of boj, here is his official "29:56"

And here is my 32:44

I know, I know. It looks like I stopped my watch a little early. It's been a sucky week. 
SUN. : 
TOTAL FOR THE WEEK: -   12 mi.
WEEKLY AVERAGE: 43 mi.   Gonna drop. 
DAYS RUNNING IN 2014: 45 out of 81 days. 

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