Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Little Off Track

The last few weeks have been a little difficult for me to stay consistent with my training plan.  Weather, colds, travel, work, it's hard to say which had the greatest impact.  But all combined, it seemed like a conspiracy to nock me off my stride, and just as the training started.  It's hard to even go back and look at the last week to remember why I wasn't able to run too much, I just know I didn't.  Oh well, I am feeling good right now, and I had a couple of nice days in California running in shorts, sans shirt.  It would be easy to get complacent, being able to just throw some shoes and shorts on anytime and head out.  But for how great the weather was, running on concrete with cars zooming past definitely  brought the overall enjoyment down.  I wish I had more time to make it to the mountains by La Quinta, but the trip was too short.  Getting in 25 miles and still leaving by 7 am the third day was pretty good for me.  I went to the local high school to see if I could get a speed workout in, but there were a couple of teams on the field, so I bagged it.   I'll still try to do a speed workout if the weather permits this week.  Otherwise, I'll just try to get back at it next week.

Week of 1/3 -1/9
MON. : 0
TUES. : 8 mi w/5@ 7:03(35:18)
WED. : 9 mi w/ 4x800 (2:52/2:52/2:54/2:58)
THU. 5 mi w/ Nautilus
FRI. : 9 mi
SAT. : 5.5 mi
SUN. : 15.5 mi (1:56:40 / 7:31 pace)


Week of 1/10-1/16
MON. : 0
TUES. : 5 mi
WED. : 5 mi in the snow
THU. short snowshoe
FRI. : 
SAT. : 
SUN. : 


2011 TOTAL MILES : 85

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