Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back on Track at Baker St.

After a tough week of traveling and enduring 60-70 degree running temps, I made it back to Baker Street for one of my better workouts of late.  It was a little chilly at the start of the warm up, but I felt pretty good, considering I did a 5 mile tempo on Tuesday.   I was planning to do 3 x 1600 @ about a 6 min pace.  Brad was up for it, so we headed out.   As usual, we started out a little fast for the first mile, but settled into a groove by the second lap, hitting the end at 5:52, with Brad at about 6-6:05.  We took about 3 1/2 minutes between reps, and the second was a little slower, but not by much, 5:54.  By the middle of the first 800 of the third rep, I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be able to hold it, and as soon at that thought starts in your mind, it is like a cancer and it takes over.  I did 2:59 for the 800, brad kept it going for another lap, and when he finished I did another to finish it out at 2:55.  I felt good about the workout,  but I am really feeling it in my calves today.  I was surprised when nobody showed up at Armadillos with a PSP or  Nintendo DS, but nonetheless, it was a great time.  Unfortunately I had to leave early, just when Boj was buying the next round.    Man, these guys are faster than me, better at video games, and now probably can even out drink me.  Damn.

Last weeks totals:
MON. : .10 mi am, 3 mi pm

TUES. : 7 am
WED. : 7 am
THU. : .
FRI. : 5 mi FART
SAT. : .
SUN. : .16 mi


  1. Awesome workout! You've gotten so fast. Blasting out sub 6 miles in workouts is damn impressive. Funny post too.

  2. james i did a semi-epic today even tho it wasnt weds. i think i got something bigger in the works for tomorrrow. miller wanted do a big time adventure. i estimate it will take 4 hours. he said he would call me tonight to figure it all out but i havent heard from him yet. its awesome that you want in on the epicness. if i cant get a hold of you on the blogs, should i come to the coffee shop tomorrow to find you?

  3. I don't know if I can make it for the a long haul, but I'd sure like to give it a try. You can call or text me. 603 313-2543. Or call me at brewbakers 355-4844. I'll be there by about 8.