Sunday, July 7, 2013

7/1 thru 7/7

MON. : - 7 mi. Hills
TUES. : - 7 mi. Hills
WED. : - 3 mi. Trails
THU. : - 8 mi. w/ 26:25 4 on the 4th
FRI. : -
SAT. : - 3 mi, easy
SUN. : - 16 mi. Hills, super hot.
TOTAL FOR THE WEEK: - 44 mi.  

Pretty good week in the heat. 4 on the 4th was my slowest in a few years, but based on how much I've been running lately, and the heat, I was pleased. That race needs to start at 7:30.

The biggest highlight for me in the last couple of months was the Walter Childs Memorial Marathon. My slowest marathon in the last six or so (3:26).  But with no real training, and only deciding to run it on the Thursday before the race, I was able to re-qualify for Boston. Plus, with only about 75 runners, it is the ONLY time I will EVER be ably to say "Top Ten" in a marathon. And I won my age group. Not too bad for a three day training cycle.

My summer goals are simple: Run and do a weekly recap. 
All my previous goals are still intact.  Sub 19:00 5k, sub 1:30 half marathon, and a sub 2:00 Pisgah 23k, sub 3:10 marathon. 
If I can maintain my summer goal, one or more of the others may fall too.

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