Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good Week, No Rapture.

Well, I made it over 50 miles this week, with some quality and fun runs, and like Dylan says, on Saturday I was "Tryin' to get to heaven before they close the door." But alas,  Brother Camping must have made a slight error in his calculations.  Maybe Boj can help him with his math.  Still, the running was good.  Tuesday I missed the Northampton 5K, but I ran all of Bray Road in Buckland, about 8 miles, with about 3+ miles of some serious hills.  Then the Wednesday workout, and Boj & I went up the rail trail to the dump.  On the way back we decided to see if we could break 30 minutes for the 4.6 mile return.  Ended up at 29:34, a 6:25 pace, and a new pr for me, and I only got Nick Cashed once.  Another pr.  Friday I made it out for my double George loop before FART, and did it in 40 minutes, which was good, considering the first mile or two were pretty slow.  Saturday I wanted to get in one good run before the Rapture, so I headed back out to the dump.  I figured that would be as good a place as any to shed this mortal coil, but even though the clouds got dark and ominous, no Rapture.  At least not for me.  Sunday I made my third trip to the dump, this time heading past it to Stuart & Johns for pancakes, and to say good-bye to Maggie as she heads off to Nebraska and the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory.  I would have thought the RMBO would be in the Rocky Mountains, but I guess Nebraska is a better spot for watching birds.  Anyways, she will be greatly missed on our Friday and Sunday runs.  I hope she finds a good group to run with, but not so good that she doesn't miss us every now and then.

Week of 5/16 thru 5/22
MON. : -

TUES. :8 w/ lot of hills
WED. : 10 mi w/pr for 2nd half of Dump
Run (29:34, 6:24 pace), thanks boj
THU. -
FRI. : 10 mi
SAT. : 9 mi, no Rapture!
SUN. : 15 mi, to Stuart & Johns
Pancakes, still no Rapture


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