Thursday, April 14, 2011

Last Weeks of Boston Training

A recap of the last couple of weeks.  It's not the most interesting stuff, and a bit long.  Kinda about getting my thoughts out and pre race jitters, more than anything else. Just like all of the past weeks of training, the last little bit has seen its ups and downs. The first week I really wanted to focus on the workouts.  Wednesday was a good one, 8x800, and I was able to keep all the reps in a narrow range, between 2:53 & 2:55.  I wasn't able to run Friday or Saturday because of work, but Sunday I met up with Justin, Greg, George and Jeff for my last 20 miler.  As far as the plan I am following goes, I only needed to keep it to about 7:30, which if I was ever looking for a group to help out with that, this was the one.  We left the High School and headed out thru west Keene, following part of the deMar course, then crossed the highway and up Wyman Way to Old Walpole Road.  The last time we ran this we went right, down the hill.  This time George had a different plan, and we turned left, up the hill.  It was a tough climb for me, but I was able to keep close since it was so early in the run.  We turned off at pond road, and went down to 12a, following back on the marathon course.  By the time we got onto Surry Road I was starting to feel a little fatigued, and when Greg made a move for the town line I had to let him go.  By the time we made it to Wheelock I was really feeling it.  I dropped back a bit, and Jeff pulled me thru till we got to Park ave, which was about 15 miles or so.  With a little rest, water & a gel, I recouped a bit, but by about  17 miles I had to take a bit of a break, and told the rest of the group not to wait.  The nex 2 mile were a struggle, but I managed ok, keeping my running pace to about 7:20-30.  Turning the corner on Hastings though, I got a huge cramp in my right hamstring, which stopped me cold.  Stretching helped, but as soon as I would start to run a bit it came back.  Walking wasn't much better, and when I turned onto Arch I just decided to stretch it by running and trying to work on form.  It worked a bit, but was still pretty sore at the end.  
I was still limping and feeling it quite a bit on Monday, so I went to see Rob League.  That helped a bit, and by Wednesday, it was better, but still tight.  I was glad my workouts were shortening up, and I was able to keep my times in the range I was looking for.  I took it easy the rest of the week, just doing some elliptical and Nautilus, wanting to rest it till the race on Saturday.
The warm up for the Sports Medicine 5k was giving me a little concern, because my hamstring still hadn't cleared up. I thought I would give it a go, but if there was even the slightest sign of it getting worse, I would just cruise it in.  The gun went off and I immediately got stuck behind 3 people in jogging suits.  What they were doing at the front of the pack I don't know, but there was no splitting between them, and it was hard to get around them till the first turn.  I had to run hard up the first little hill to catch up to Chuck from Turn It Up. He and I are pretty evenly matched, and I was able to stay with him for the whole race.  I felt tight, but nothing sharp, so that was good.  Near the finish, I gave it just about my all to catch Chuck at the top of the last hill, but as soon as I made the turn on Court st, I ran out of gas.  Still 19:42 was good for me, 3rd in age group.  According to Running For Fitness, that puts me at a 3:05-3:08 marathon, so it is just where I want to be.  
This week: easy, easy, easy.  Sunday's long run was a comfortable 5 miles, then 5 more at race pace, or a little faster.  No problem, and the hamstring was feeling better.  Monday, massage from Shunji.  Tuesday, light tempo, 3 miles at race pace.  Wednesday with the Keenyans and I was feeling the best I've felt in a long time, very little soreness either from my ankle or hamstring. Back at Keene High track, good warm up, 6x400, then a few times around the track to stay loose, and the cool down.   The other guys were doing 4x 200/200/800.  Seemed like a tough workout. It was great to see Justin jump in and do the last 2 after his easy 6x400.  It just wasn't possible for him to sit by and watch the others do a workout while he still had some gas in the tank.  The 17 M titles both went to Goupil, making an early mark for dominance. I think he should be a little careful going to the outside passing lane.  He might get nudged into oncoming traffic.  No team points for this title, it's every man for himself.
So now it's over except for the expo.  Oh, and the race. I feel as ready as I'll ever be, and if I don't have any problems along the route from Hopkinton, the goal is certainly with in sight.  A few more days to make it happen.

MON. : 5 mi @ gym
TUES. :4 mi @ gym
WED. : 11 mi w/ 8x8oo
2:53/2:55/1:26(400,cramp in ribs)/2:54
THU. 5 @ gym & Nautilus
FRI. : -
SAT. : -
SUN. : 20 mi

TOTAL FOR THE WEEK 3/28-4/3: 45

MON. : 5 mi @ gym
TUES. :4 mi @ gym
WED. : 11 mi w/ 4x1000
THU. -
FRI. : -
SAT. : 6 mi w/19:42 5k
SUN. : 10 mi

TOTAL FOR THE WEEK 4/4-4/10: 36


  1. Good Luck Monday! Have fun in Boston!

  2. All seems in place for a great race in Boston!! Hopefully, I will see you run by me this year as I am intending to be a spectator again for you serious runners!!

  3. Looks like you had a great race in Boston.